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The Winter Tag

Its been a while since I have done a tag post on my blog, so I figured it was about time it happened again! This time however, I have decided to make my own questions for this tag, in the hope that others will do it too and carry it on! Don't get me wrong, I bet there is hundreds of 'winter tags' out there.. but I am yet to come across any which is why I decided to have a little bit of fun and come up with the questions myself! I will tag the other blogger's at the bottom of this post so that you can go over to their blog's and so that they know they have been tagged to do this next! Enjoy! :) 

1. What is your favourite winter drink? 

Ok so usually I would say something pretty much along the lines of good old english tea, but I have actually been experimenting recently with different flavours of tea and I have found I am really loving camomile tea - usually before I go to bed! Now, this is not something I thought I would enjoy as much as I have.. but I am literally in love with it. Although, I have to admit I definitely think that this is more of a 'winter thing' because I don't see myself wanting to sup a hot tea right before bed in the height of Summer. If you are yet to try it, I suggest you do.. you might be shocked at how much you enjoy it too!! 

2. What is your favourite winter accessory? 

In case you have not all noticed by now.. I have got a crazy obsession with bobble hats this year! I have always loved them but this year I seem to be living in them, maybe it is because my collection has grown some what and around christmas I accumulated an awful lot of different ones? I just find that I am wearing one all of the time. I always put one on when I go outside, always wear one when I am driving and if I wear my hair down I always think about what hat I could wear that day. What on earth am I going to do when the warmer weather comes?! 

3. Do you have anything else planned for Winter? 

Well, next week I am going for a 'lodge weekend' with my entire family which should be so much fun - I definitely feel like staying in a lodge over winter at some point is a necessity. Getting all cosy, chilling and having fun with your favourite people in the countryside just sounds so perfect to me. Also, me and Simon got a 'falconry experience' gift from my Aunty for Christmas so we will be going to hang out with some big birds & owls in a couple of weeks too which should be fun and something a little bit different. Next Winter I would love to go skiing somewhere with a bunch of my friends - that sounds like something which definitely needs to be arranged!! 

4. What is your essential beauty product throughout Winter?

Hand cream! I am very guilty of picking the skin around my fingers when I am stressed, and when my hands and skin are dry the edges of my nails go really hard and this therefore tempts me to pick at them! This is where the hand cream comes in, I need to use it so often to stop my hands from going all dry! Luckily I got a lifetime supply of hand creams for Christmas so I am pretty well stocked up and now I always have one in my bag to ensure that I remember to pop it on regularly. 

5. What is your favourite Winter memory?

Now I live in a city it makes me really sad when I see its snowed at home in Co. Durham and I can't be there, but that's definitely part of growing up and having a job so hey ho. Anyway, my favourite memories are definitely those 'snow days' when school used to be closed and me and my friends would be texting at about 8 in the morning arranging to meet up in our warmest winter clothes ready to go sledging all day. Everybody would meet up with their sledges, walk down the town and literally everybody who lived in town and was off school met and went sledging down this huge hill together. It was always so much fun because everybody was there and everyone just went there for fun and a laugh with each other! They were literally the best days ever!! 

6. Do you have any Winter traditions? 

I don't really know if I have any traditions for Winter but I definitely have things I do in Winter because of the nature of the season - so obviously these things are done every single year! Such as changing the Summer duvet to a Winter one, Putting every single item of Summer clothing I have got away and getting all of my Winter ones out, I always wear 'Wintery make up' meaning I don't like to wear coral lipsticks and things like that - because I just feel like I look wrong. Traditions I do have I guess would be things like, going to christmas markets and living off Mulled wine! 

7. What do you dislike about Winter?

This one is actually pretty easy to answer! Being a nurse involves me doing LONG shifts which start at 7am, therefore I need to set off to drive to work at 6:30 on a morning. This is not so bad in the Summer because it gets light at about 5:30am, however in the Winter its still so dark on a morning, and it makes me feel less safe walking around at the crack of dawn and having to do things like de-ice my car and things like that! Also, when I wake up in the Winter and its dark it just feel so miserable, there is nothing better than waking up in the Summer with the sun beaming through your curtains and knowing its going to be a beautiful day! I miss that actually! 

8. What is your worst memory of the snow?

My worst memory of the snow is also from school times. When I was one of the younger ones at secondary school, for example year 7 8 and 9, I used to be absolutely terrified of stepping foot outside in the snow because of what the bigger kids or the boys from other years would do to you! And with very good reason. It was always sods law that the snow would fall around exam time in January, and due to exams taking place in the school hall the corridor always used to be shut off and you weren't able to walk threw it. This meant that every single person got detoured outside in order to get to a different block between lessons. This would make you a prime target to be bombarded by snowballs or just attacked in general, it was literally my worst nightmare! I don't think I will ever get over the trauma of snow when I was at school, especially when it was icy because all of the boys would think its cool to make 'ice balls' and throw them at all of us girls or make snow balls with stones in! WHY they did this I will never know?! 

9. What is your favourite thing about Winter? 

I love how beautiful everything looks when it has snowed, everywhere you look just looks so picturesque and I absolutely love it! Also I love being all cosy at home when its miserable and dark outside.. with a cup of tea, watching something on TV, snuggled under a blanket - my absolute favourite thing! Also, hot fires - I have always been that person to stand or sit in front of the hot fire and hog all of the heat - I never care that its literally burning my back, I just LOVE the feeling of being warm! 

10. What is your most hilarious memory of Winter?

Every time I think of this memory I chuckle. So, back when I first passed my driving test (which was almost 6 years ago - scary), I used to have a Toyota Yaris and drove everywhere in it, including to school which was literally around the corner. Anyway, one snowy day me and mum went down the town for something (which I cannot remember), and went to get in the car to drive back home & the battery died. This then resulted in my mum steering the car, whilst I went and begged some random passers by to help me push my car, UP A HILL, out of the parking space it was stuck in. It was so embarrassing, but by far the most hilarious memory of Winter! 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my Winter tag, it won't be long now until the end of Winter is upon us and Spring is back again! I would now like to pass this tag on to :

- Talisa 'Talisa Tells
- Aimee 'Aimee Hughes'
- Jess 'Juicyyyjesss'

Much Love, 


Check out my latest Youtube Video to see what the most recent snow shower in Co. Durham looked like 


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