Monday, 11 January 2016

NU skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste Review

Its been a little while since I brought a review of a product to my blog, that is mainly because I like to take my time when reviewing products and don't think its right for me to give you an opinion of something which I have used for 5 minutes. Anyway, waaay back in either October or November 2015 I got sent some whitening toothpaste by NU skin known as AP24. I have made this tube last considerably a long time and only just finished up using it really recently, despite using it twice a day and bringing it wherever I have been in the last couple of months, including London and in the North East over Christmas. This has allowed me the chance to give it a proper review as I have not been ducking and diving between different toothpastes throughout this time. 

Firstly, let me give you a little background around AP24. It is effectively both a fluoride whitening and preventative toothpaste, which does 2 jobs at once - whitens your teeth and prevents cavities! It features a special formula which does not contain harmful peroxides which would sometimes be used in teeth whitening kits and instead uses a variety of different ingredients to brighten and whiten your teeth! Check out the NU skin website here to see a full list of the ingredients - Click here

So, usually my teeth are quite white, definitely not the whitest and they are not the strongest either - meaning that I have had to have lots of fillings in my teenage years, probablies because of the amount of fizzy drinks I used to have. In more recent years I have definitely taken more care of my teeth, and have not needed to have any fillings for a really long time. I also had braces in my teenage years and 2 of my teeth were of a particular focus and needed to either be moved or pulled out, these were both of the third teeth in on either side. Basically, these teeth were extremely high up and needed to be moved down to line up with my others, having a brace on meant that I was unable to get to certain parts of my teeth because of the metal. Before I had my braces I don't think I gave my teeth the full attention they needed or deserved and so them 2 teeth that were out of the way appeared more yellow and stained than others - when I got my braces off I noticed a different in shade and still to this day they are still slightly more yellow than the others (not in a rank or disgusting way, but you do notice these things when they are in your own mouth). Since using AP24 I definitely feel as though my teeth have become more brightened and definitely appear whiter. If you look at the photos below then you can see how much of a glow they now have - both of the below photos are from after using AP24 and I just love how glowy they now look!! I am guilty of not taking a before photo, but then I am sure you can get the idea of my teeth before by listening to the description I have given you. 

At first when I started using AP24 my teeth did feel a little bit sensitive, and like something was actually working.. but this quickly subsided and it was nothing that I could not handle. Like, they did not hurt enough for me to stop eating or anything. The fact I could feel this meant that something was different and something was included in this toothpaste which meant it was actually unlike any other that I had tried. I have also heard from people who have formally had their teeth whitened in the dentist that tingling is a sensation you do feel, which definitely made me feel as though this may work. Anyway, I do feel as though my teeth have ended up being brighter, whiter and just generally more glowy. I have actually had various compliments on my teeth since using this which pleases me massively! 

If you are like me, and cannot quite afford the dentists prices for teeth whitening then I would recommend given AP24 a little whirl. Its not too pricey and I personally feel like it worked for me! I will leave some links to the product below so you can go over and check it out yourselves!! 

Let me know in the comments below if you decide to go and buy it and how you feel it has worked for you if you have already used it!! 



  1. OK this may come as a dumb question but I can't find the answer anywhere. After you finish brushing do you rinse your mouth with water orjust let the toothpaste stay in your mouth. Of course you want to get the best results u can from this and I have just rinsed my mouthe as I usually do.

    1. Ha! I had that same question too but then remembered my friend telling me to use it just like any other toothpaste. I do let it sit on my teeth a bit longer than my regular paste but then rinse and spit. It works! I love this product.

  2. How long until you notice a difference I k won't won't happen immediately but have brought this product and used t twice so far so how long until I start to notice a difference?!

    1. I noticed a difference first use!

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  4. @honeybearskincare on FB & IG also sells this. I haven't tried it yet but am thinking of it. My distributor friend says to be wary from buying off amazon as Nuskin products aren't supposed to be sold via online marketplaces & instead only via distributors. She says they are fakes but who knows!

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