Friday, 22 January 2016

Naked Smokey Palette | Silver Daytime Glam

My palette collection has grown somewhat recently and the amazing Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette is one of the latest additions. I have been lusting over this palette since it first came out a few months ago and knew I needed it at the top of my Christmas list this year! I was so happy when I opened my little Urban Decay box on Christmas day and was holding this beautiful palette in my hands! I have always loved a smoky eye and love creating different looks with all of the colours that you can get in the palette. I love how it has the shimmer shades but also has the matte shades which to me makes the perfect palette!! It allows you the ability to create both daytime and night-time looks, and what more do you want than a palette which has the capability to do both?! 

As you all know, I am a nurse by day - therefore I love nothing more than doing my make up on days off, using all of my new products and experimenting with different looks. I sometimes have days when I will use the shimmer shades and sometimes I will just feel like wearing something really simple and easy - it just depends what mood I am in. I really like my make up look to match my outfit, and my mood and that's why I always mix and match between different eye shadow shades & lipstick colours! 

All in all, I am completely head over heels with this palette, and in the 3 weeks I have owned it I have used it so much. I have the full intention of experimenting with this so much more, so if you own this palette and want to see what other looks I can create using it then please stay tuned for more and then you can recreate them yourselves!! 

So for the above look, I went for a silver shimmery daytime look. Like I said above, I really like my make up to reflect my mood, the outfits and sometimes the weather. On this day, it was a Sunday, I was in a good mood & feeling fresh as a daisy, it has snowed overnight and I was wearing a tartan shirt and pom pom hat. I obviously wanted my make up look to be shimmery to reflect the snow, but also match up with the colour in this top - and I definitely felt that silvers matched much better than golds & coppers.  I also knew that because I wanted to go for a shimmery eye, I would be toning down the make up look with a minimal contour & a nude lip (because this is my favourite lip look ever at the moment) wearing 2 of my favourite products from Rimmel which you can check out over on my instagram ( 

So first things first, I covered the entirety of my eye lid with the colour 'thirteen' which is one of the matte shades from the palette and also a beautiful white 'snow' shade - and I used this one because I am definitely a lover of a white base for my eye shadow. After this I used the shade 'slanted' which is the lightest of the silver shades and is also satin, I decided to use this one first in order to get the shade I wanted and to define my crease before adding some more pigmented dark shades to the outer corner and underneath lash line. I know its not a secret trick, but particularly for a daytime I like to use a folded up cotton pad and hold it against the edge of my eye to ensure no excess product drops to the underneath of my eye and to create a fairly straight line, without as much definition as a piece of cellar tape would create. Once I had created definition and a colour change for the crease I then went in with the shade 'dagger' which is a darker silver and went over the top of 'slanted' with this - this was to make this a much more silver and smoky look. Following this, I used the shade 'smolder' on a small definer brush which I damped using my Lush tea tree toner water (this made the pigmentation stronger, whilst also picking up more product) and really blended this into the outer corner and also using a thin liner brush I ran this on the lower lash line. I always like to go over the whole of my lid with a big fluffy brush to ensure that the product is thoroughly blended in and there is no obvious colour changes - instead I obviously like to do this to make it very blended and transitional. 

Overall, I really love this look and it is one I have created before using the same colour but a different lip colour. I am so crazy obsessed with the Naked Smoky palette and cannot wait to create some more looks to show you all really soon, so stay tuned! If you have used this post to recreate this look then please leave me a comment below or tag me in your photos on instagram with the hashtag #whatlaurenlovess 


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