Wednesday, 27 January 2016

#ILeftMyHeartIn Amsterdam

Have you ever been to a City and just completely fallen for it straight away? We all love the places we do for many different reasons but some just seem to stand out in completely unique ways. This is Amsterdam for me. I recently received an email asking me which city I felt #ileftmyheartin as part of the 'Get Your Guide' competition, and this sparked a lot of old and wonderful memories about this incredible city which I just wanted to share with you all. So here goes... 

Back in 2014 myself and 8 of my other best friends took a little weekend trip to Amsterdam for my boyfriends 21st birthday Celebrations. Now obviously, knowing that I was going with my friends I knew it was definitely not going to be a trip where we would going out for incredible meals, going in museums, enjoying the culture and exploring properly. Therefore, in some ways I feel as though I really am not done with Amsterdam, although saying this I have to say that I completely feel as though I left my heart in Amsterdam, and this is simply because I literally had the most incredible time with my friends there enjoying what I would imagine to be the fun and lively side of the city! 

Amsterdam has such an incredible young, fun vibe about it and me and the rest of my friends definitely lived life to the absolute full whilst we were there! Making memories in incredible places is so important to me, and because of how much fun we had in Amsterdam I think that this is hands down the best holiday I have ever been on with friends! The reason I feel as though I fell for Amsterdam is because now when I look back, I literally only ever think of amazing memories, the laughs we had, reminiscing on incredible things that were said or happened etc, and I just want to smile every single time I think about it!

Another reason I love Amsterdam is because I feel as though its the kind of place which you could visit over and over and still find something new which you would love about it, and something else which you could enjoy! Due to the popularity and the nature of the city I definitely feel as though its the kind of city which just wants to change and adjust all of the time which is why it would literally be so exciting for everybody to visit! 

I feel as though if I was to go to Amsterdam again in the near future, I would 100% love to go with my boyfriend and do all of the cultural experiences, really taking in the scenery of Amsterdam and taking nice walks along all of the beautiful canals. Don't get me wrong, we did lots of this when we went with the group, but I definitely feel as though Amsterdam has a lot to offer in terms of a 'romantic' weekend away and I would love to make more memories there with my boyfriend. 

Some of the things we did whilst we were in Amsterdam included a visit to the Heineken Museum which (despite the fact I don't like beer) was a brilliant experience and I actually learnt a lot about the whole brewing process, whilst getting my friends extremely drunk giving them all of my free samples! We also stopped off at some incredible bars and pubs. Had a beautiful (and very late night) meal at the Hard Rock Cafe! Also we did a few of the other typical things whilst in Amsterdam like visit some of the less appropriate museums, Red Light District and coffee shops. I just think its amazing to see the difference in cities across Europe and how the vibes change from place to place. For example - Amsterdam is extremely laid back, everyone is chilled out and wants to have a good time. Whereas places like London are a little bit busier, everybody seems to want to be somewhere whilst its also extremely vibrant and fast paced. 

I would 100% recommend visiting Amsterdam to everybody, it really is a beautiful and fun city and there is something from everybody to enjoy! I cannot wait to visit again in my lifetime!! 



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