Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Day Fun | 2015

Just thought I would leave you with this little gallery of photographs from Christmas day in my family home. Like I have said before, I really did nearly lose my christmas at home this year by the skin of my teeth so obviously I enjoyed every second. Its quite amazing actually, every year our family seems to have expanded somewhat and we always get our yearly family photo of us 'kids' and it always involves us dressing up in some way or just doing something silly. Last year it was all about props and this year it was all about these face board things (which I saw lots of people enjoying over christmas time). This year we had 2 new additions to our family photo from last year, Poppy and Laura who are James' and Liam's girlfriends. I love christmas in our house, it is still so magical and I think is just a general atmosphere and because we all make so much effort to make it super special. I also think that the reason it stays so special is because of my youngest Brother Matthew only being 8, which means that some elements of Santa, reindeers and magic in general, still exist. 

This year it was also me and my Mum's job to do the starters so obviously had to have our favourites which were prawn cocktail and smoked salmon and for the less adventurous souls around our table there was also carrot and coriander soup. It was so yum, not that these were very difficult to make - because they really were not ha! We also all wore little glittery hats around the table and I just feel as though everybody makes a concious effort to join in - despite maybe Jake my 14 year old Brother just wanting to look constantly 'cool'. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share some of these photos with you and hope you all had a magical day yourselves and got to spend some time with loved ones. Working in the industry I do means I can really reflect on Christmas, and know that there is lots of people out there who are poorly at Christmas time and have to spend it in hospital and I just hope that the incredible nurses out there made families visiting feel festive and also that the nurses who were working Christmas day got to feel some element of Christmas!! We all do really need to spare a thought for all of the poorly people, relatives, nurses, doctors, emergency services etc who work around the clock at christmas time in order to look after very sick people - I am a Nurse myself and really do know how hard we all work and I think its just nice that others remember that we are pulled away from our loved ones at Christmas in order to look after people who need our care! I know my thoughts were very much with everybody working Christmas day this year, and as I will probably be working next year I did not hesitate to thoroughly enjoy myself this year.. whilst baring in mind that I may not be with my family next year!! 

Hope you all enjoyed the festivities of 2015, fully indulged in as much food and drink as you liked, laughed with your friends, family & loved ones, got everything you wished for & just had a really happy time!! Here is to 2016 guys!!



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  1. Your spaniel looks exactly like mine oh my gosh! Sounds like you had a lovely day xx

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