Sunday, 10 January 2016

Body Jewellery Uk | Tragus Studs

Today I bring you yet another Body Jewellery Shop post all about some incredible tragus bars they sent me!! So as you may know, I have done a previous post with these guys.. but they recently sent me some more of their products to show you guys! 

Are any of you like me and get so excited about getting piercings, consider them for ages and then the minute you have them just suddenly forget they exist and never change from the original bar? Well I definitely feel as though the products from Body Jewellery Shop have completely given be the enthusiasm I needed to change my piercing studs every now and then. I like to mix things up now and for nights out and things I like to wear the more fancy ones, as opposed to on an every day basis when I wear the simple stud ones (because I am not allowed to wear anything too showy for work). Working with the Body Jewellery Shop has allowed me to be more adventurous with my body jewellery, and I really like it!  

So the products I chose on this occasion were a variety really - a subtle daily bar, A silver dangley bar & a more blingified (totally just made a new word up then) stud. I have linked them below for you if you would like to get something similar! 

For anyone who has not visited their site already, I would definitely recommend it! Even if you don't have your tragus pierced, there is belly button rings, ear studs, Tongue bars, all sorts - and you can also get a variety of different designed studs in different metals so depending on how sensitive you are to jewellery, you can choose from silver, to titanium, to gold. Also, what I definitely love about this site is that the prices are incredibly affordable considering how beautiful the products are!! 

Let me know in the comments below what you decide to get from Body Jewellery Shop, as I would love to see what amazing products you have managed to spy out!




  1. How pretty are these! I wish I wasn't scared to get my tragus pierced :(

    P xo

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  4. Very nice stud earrings Lauren. My favourite earrings are a pair white gold diamond stud earrings. Even tough I love earrings I am not looking forward to the piercing part as much as you do ;)

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