Sunday, 17 January 2016

Being Lecy Lau Fashion's UK blogger...

Some of you may or may not know but at the end of 2015 I was asked to be the UK blogger for a company from Holland called Lecy Lau Fashion - from looking on their website and their social media channels such as Instagram I quickly discovered that they seemed very popular over in Holland and was even more excited that I was given the opportunity to be their UK blogger. Sometimes I need to pinch myself at opportunity's like this, as the blogging community is growing and there really is so many of us it really does occur to me that I am like a speck of dust in this industry, just a small little thing in this big wide world I am now involved with - and therefore to be chosen from the other bloggers in the UK makes me feel somewhat proud? and also kind of confused about why me? 

Anyway, I am obviously super grateful for the opportunity, as I always am and therefore would like to tell you a little bit more about being their blogger and just to introduce you to it if you have never heard of this company before! 

So, I was recently approached by the lovely guys from Lecy Lau and very quickly we got into deep conversations about their new blog, what they wanted from it, what kind of images they would like to include, what kind of content they would like to see on it etc. The team from Lecy Lau are super lovely and have been very accommodating to me, especially considering I am from a different country and joining their little team from afar. I even got a lovely little 'Happy Christmas' on Christmas day over on Whatsapp which was super lovely and I was completely overwhelmed that they thought to say this to me! They have also sent me some beautiful pieces of clothing which I am pretty sure you will be seeing more of on my blog!! 

The first blog post I wrote for Lecy Lau was really just an introduction to their company, products, what their brands journey is so far, what to expect from their blog in the future and obviously I wanted to introduce myself to their buyers in the Netherlands! You can check it out by clicking here. You should also go over to their site in which they sell some really beautiful pieces, both for Males and Females. The prices of the products are fairly reasonable and you have to bare in mind the slight reduction when you consider the exchange rate (not that it is fantastic at the moment). Anyway, I am super excited to see what 2016 has in store for myself and my collaboration with Lecy Lau, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more blogposts being uploaded on their site, their upcoming collections and watch out on my social media channels for any products I suggest you get your hands on from their site! All links will be left below so you can go over and check them out, and if you are from the Netherlands yourself then you definitely need to check them out!! 


Also, I would love it if you would vote for me in this years UK blog awards, I am under the categories Lifestyle & Fashion and Beauty - 


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