Sunday, 24 January 2016

Becoming a weekly vlogger | Youtube

Tonight I just thought I would bring you a little post to go alongside tonights Youtube video. So, if you've been to my channel, or not yet then you will see that I have uploaded my first weekly vlog. This is something I have decided to do as a regular thing to keep you all up to speed with what I do in my normal life. Now, in no way is this me saying I have such an interesting life that I feel I need to keep you guys up to date but considering weekly vlogs and vlogs in general are something which I personally love to watch, I thought I would join in and try it for myself! 

This may mean that my uploading schedule becomes more regular and I manage to get up videos every week rather than every 2 weeks but for now I am not promising anything! Therefore, if you have not already been over to my channel and subscribed I would love for you all to go over and do that! (Links will be at the bottom of this post) 

Also, just a little self disclaimer really. Obviously, my Youtube is a work in progress and I am in absolutely no way perfect at editing or filming my videos. It is all a little bit of trial and error at the moment to see what works and what I need to change and work on. Therefore now I have watched the whole thing threw again (for about the millionth time) I am still picking up some editorial errors, such as music not being quietened in certain parts of the vlog and the music playing continually even though the video has stopped. I know social media is a place where some people just feel like they can comment the blatently obvious and in some ways, do it to hurt other peoples feelings but this is just me saying to you all that yes I have already noticed the errors so please bare with me with the editing thing. Remember, it is all very new to me and I need you all to just bare with me so I can get to grips with the whole thing! 

If anyone has any ideas of future videos you would like to see from me then please feel free to leave them below as I now have stocked up on some equipment to hopefully make my filming much better! Also don't forget to follow the links below to go to my channel and directly to todays video! 

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