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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Girls with Topshop

Firstly I would just like to add how sorry I am for missing a day of blogmas yesterday! I am very disappointed I have broken the chain.. it was going so well! However, I do have a valid reason in that I really was not very well yesterday and was unable to write anything up for you guys! Anyway, I am feeling better so here is todays post for you all to enjoy!! 

Christmas is less than 1 week away, how exciting!! Yet I bet there is still some of you out there who have not yet finished their christmas shopping? Are you struggling to hunt out some pieces to give your Mum, Sister, Aunty, Girlfriend, Friend? Well below I have put together a little selection of gifts from Topshop which I just think would be the perfect gifts to give someone. Whether it be as a stocking filler, a little gift for someone to enjoy, or a fashion lovers main present.. here are a selection of gifts I absolutely love from Topshop, and I wanted to share them all with you so that you didn't miss out on grabbing them before the Topshop delivery deadline!! I have been informed by the lovelies at Topshop that if you are in the UK and want to place an order with standard delivery then the 20th dec at midnight is the last time you can place an order to guarantee it arrives on the 23rd. The last express delivery order time is 23rd at 4pm for delivery on christmas eve! So you definitely cannot miss out on getting your orders in before all of these deadlines!!

So now, I am going to walk you through some of the products I LOVE and think would be perfect for another Topshop lover this christmas!! To go straight to each of the products on the Topshop website just click the name of the product below!

Topshop Lip Bullet Duo Set - For a lipstick lover these would be perfect! I have heard such amazing things about lip bullets from Topshop so these would be amazing & also the shades are beautiful. A red  and a nude for Christmas time - what else can you ask for (Tamed and Joyride)!

Topshop Christmas Nail Varnish Trio - We all love a glitter nail at christmas! I absolutely love this set because the colours are so festive and pretty! 

Topshop Smoky Eye Kit - I love a smoky eye so this set would be perfect for someone else who does! There is plenty in this kit for creating a beautiful and easy smoky look! 

Large Fluffy Pom Pom Keyring - It is no secret that I love my fluffy pom pom key rings! I have 2, one for my car keys and one that hangs from my mirror inside my car! Why not stick one of these in someone's stocking this year, they make such lovely gifts and would be fab for someone who continuously loses their keys as I can guarantee this will never happen with this on! 

Chameleon glow eyeshadow - I actually own this eyeshadow already and absolutely love it! Definitely recommend this for someone who loves anything glitzy and glam! 

Metallic stripe triangle bra and knickers (sold separately) - I really do love this beautiful underwear set. It looks super festive and so pretty! They are sold separately but why do things by half? You should definitely buy both! Bra here and Knickers here 

Marl Trim Rib Crop Jumper - I absolutely love this jumper! I love wearing long sleeved knitwear with high waisted jeans too! 

Duvet day pyjamas - we all love getting pyjamas for christmas, lets not lie. These ones are perfect for all year round really. I love wearing short pyjamas because it allows you to get super cosy in your onesie and dressing gown but not be absolutely sweltered that you need to start taking layers off. Also, how relatable are these pjs? We all love a duvet day!! 

Khaki Pom Pom Hat - I actually own this hat and have been living in it for the last few weeks! Its so cute and super snug which is exactly what you want in the chilly weather! Also I am totally crazy for the colour khaki at the moment so I could not recommend this enough!! 

Animal Print A-line Skirt - I am definitely a fan of an A line skirt. They are completely appropriate for nights out and can be dressed up, and also look perfect with tights and a jumper for casual wear! This would make a lovely christmas day outfit for yourselves or a present for someone else!! 

Dandelion Print Dress - This is a proper winter dress to me! I absolutely love it and the pattern is super cute!! Also I love the neckline, it has got a high neck which I am totally loving at the moment too! 

Polar Bear Onesie - We all love a onesie at christmas time! Receiving one for christmas means you are pretty much set for the next year too! I kind of begrudge buying myself things like this and think they make the perfect gifts.. so if there is anyone else like me then this will make the perfect gift! Also how cute are the polar bears!!

Fluffy Jacket - I understand that this will definitely not be up everybodys street! However I saw someone I follow on instagram wearing it and when I saw it in store I just fell head over heels for it!! Its very dressy but so beautiful! This one is definitely for anyone who is looking to splurge a little bit on someone who loves fashion and statement pieces! I know I absolutely love this and I would be insanely happy to receive this on christmas day!! 

Gold Feather heels - A beautiful shoe for new year!! I absolutely love the feathery detailing and lets be honest, everybody is loving their coppers and golds at the moment! These shoes are my idea of the perfect heel and would look so dreamy with an lbd! 

I hope my little gift guide has given you all some inspiration of gifts to grab last minute if you are struggling for what to buy someone this christmas!! Let me know if you decide to purchase any of these goodies for anyone! 




  1. Great picks, definitely need to try more TS makeup!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. That underwear set is fab, need to pick myself! Topshop makeup sets are great as gifts! What a great gift guide x

    Amy x


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