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Driving Home for Christmas - Car Tyre Safety With Point S | Spon

I don't know about you guys but I will be doing lots of travelling in my little Vauxhall Corsa over the festive season due to living in Sheffield and wanting to spend as much time as possible up North with my family in Co. Durham! As we all know, this time of year is prime time for the weather to just be absolutely horrific and we literally do not know what weather to expect from one day to the next, we need to ensure that our cars are prepared for all eventualities (Whether this means winter tyres if you are from the back ends of nowhere like myself, or just ensuring that you have the appropriate and legal tread on your tyres! 

I was recently approached by a company named 'Point-S', who are a Tyre Dealer network and was asked to promote the importance of Tyre safety particularly focusing on christmas time and ensuring that whenever you are travelling anywhere, your tyres are in good nick and legal to be driven the road! Some of you may be thinking.. "how does this relate to your usual blog posts?" Well, my answer is it doesn't in terms of beauty, fashion, make up etc.. however, if you know follow my social channels you will know that I do a lot of travelling to and from Sheffield in my little car and I am always on the move! 9 times out of 10 these are never short distances either, these are usually journeys which take up to 2 hours and on a variety of different roads such as the motorways, city driving, bumpy or windy roads and sometimes roads which are not the best looked after. Therefore, when I was asked to do this post I thought it was super relatable to my life as I literally am always travelling somewhere, plus it was a little lesson to myself on some of the important facts I need to know about my tyres. Therefore, if you are travelling anywhere over the festive season this year then this post will definitely be of some relevance to you!! 

Car tyres are one of the least fun things to spend your hard earned cash on, after all, they’re all just black circles of rubber right? Wrong – no matter how expensive, luxurious or sporty your car – there’s still only four rubber contacts between you and the road. Given that each tyre controls the car over an area not much bigger than a postcard, money spent on tyres is never wasted.
No time of year is this more true than winter, when road temperatures drop and conditions deteriorate with surface water, ice and snow all looking to compromise that postcard sized contact. It is crucial to check that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure (recommended pressures are found on tyre wall), are free from any bulges or surface defects and have sufficient tread to provide traction.
The current legal limit for minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread around the entire circumference. This does not mean tyres shouldn’t be changed before this point, nor that tyre performance is maintained until the limit is reached – it certainly isn’t.   The stopping distance can be up to 10m further for a tyre on the legal limit than a new tyre.
In summary, it really isn’t worth risking your safety for the sake of saving a few pounds.  Start thinking about replacing your tyres once the tread falls below 3mm. Definitely don’t run them to the limit and always buy the best tyre you can afford – the leading brands invest heavily in optimising tread patterns to optimise performance and efficiency.
When shopping for tyres, EU legislation means that all tyres must display information on wet braking performance, fuel efficiency and noise in order for consumers to make an informed decision using factual information.  Whilst not exhaustive, it provides a starting point when choosing a suitable tyre and any retailer worth their salt will be able to talk you through options without pressurising you.  
If you have learnt something new about tyre safety from this post then that is great, but if you also feel like your car is due some TLC and you feel its time for some new tyres, or you even just want some advice then I highly recommend you contact the guys at Point-S who will happily answer any of your questions or queries. On the Point S website you can find a range of car tyres in all different sizes from all the top brands available on the market. They offer tyres at all of the best prices, and all you need to do is come along to the website, book your car tyres online, along with a fitting appointment at your nearest depot. On the site you can also type in your postcode to find the nearest depot to yourselves so that you don't get a nasty shock and realise you have to travel miles to get your tyres changed! 
Remember, good car tyres are a necessity as well as important to ensuring yours and other road users safety so it is definitely worth checking your tyre tread and quality regularly as well as getting the best tyres you can! I hope you have all learnt something new from this post and go over to Point-s website to check out their deals and prices!! 


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