Friday, 4 December 2015

A weekend in London

If you follow my social media then you will know that I have recently took a trip to London to celebrate my Nannas Birthday as she turned 70 while we were there! On this little trip there was myself, my Mum, Nanna and Aunty Steph - and it was a perfect little girls weekend! As todays blogpost I put together this little montage of photos to show you what we got up to.. what to expect for a weekend in London at this time of year and what kind of things I would completely recommend doing!! 


Borough Market

On day one the intention was to have a few hours wander around before the theatre in the afternoon.. and the first place we were going to stop off was the Shard. However, being the early bird keen beans that we all were that day.. we arrived at the shard only to find out it actually did not open for another hour and a half. So we had to think on our feet and the nearest thing to us that was cool for us to check out was borough market. I absolutely love wandering around markets.. I love sampling the authentic foods, the atmosphere which means its completely acceptable to wander at the slowest pace ever, wandering around outdoors with a drink (hot or cold its up to you). I also think there is something quite festive about markets .. even if they are not your average 'christmas markets' I still just love the atmosphere so much!! Borough Market was never really somewhere I ever thought about visiting but I really did enjoy a little wander around (despite the fact it was freezing cold) especially trying out samples of cheeses, meats, cakes .. you could definitely fill yourself up from just wandering and eating all of the amazing samples on offer. I would imagine that the market would also be much more festive now as well, so if you have time in your day to visit I would definitely recommend it .. if you like this kind of thing also!


Covent Garden

I have never been to Covent Garden before so naturally when I got told we would be going here.. I was super excited. I have always swooned over peoples instagram photos of Covent Garden as it always looks so incredibly decorated and in theme with the season, so obviously I was super excited to be going at christmas time. Its funny actually, how when you have never been somewhere before you imagine something to be completely different to what it was.. I didn't realise that there would be all of my favourite make up brands there and other cute little shops.. I don't really know what I expected but I really did fall in love with it instantly! Also when I spotted Maison Laduree there I knew I was in my element. I would highly recommend visiting Covent Garden if you haven't been. We had a lovely time.. I particularly loved the shop sass and belle .. It was a really quirky and quaint little shop selling loads of amazing little home pieces etc. There is also loads of lovely places nearby to eat.. we had Wagamamas which is literally my all time favourite place to eat during the day so If you're a wagamamas fan then this may tempt you also!! 



Again, Knightsbridge is somewhere I had never been before but was super excited when I was told we would be going. We unfortunately didn't go into any of the shops or wander around that much because we purely went for a meal.. but I did get to have a wander past Harvey Nichols and admire their windows!! The above photograph is a photograph of the sequins/metallic circles which cover the whole outside of the front of the shop. I am very much into anything glittery and glam and I was literally like a magpie when I spotted this!! It looked so beautiful up close and from the other side of the road. If you guys are in the Knightsbridge area make sure you get a glimpse of this!! So beautiful! 


Camden Lock and Gilgamesh

Again its somewhere I have never visited .. and to be honest we didn't do Camden lock as such.. but I did get THAT photo of the bridge which I was happy about. However, I really do want to particularly mention this amazing restaurant we went to on the Sunday evening called Gilgamesh! It serves absolutely beautiful Asian food in an incredible setting. The above photos are all from the restaurant and I just could not believe how beautiful the whole place was. For food I chose Salmon sashimi which came on dry ice which I thought was absolutely incredible - such an amazing touch.. and I swear I crave this dish every single day at some point!! For my main meal I chose Jungle curry which was effectively seafood with thai yellow curry - wow, words cannot describe how tasty this was!! The most beautiful dish I have ever eaten. It also allowed me the opportunity to really try squid rings and I fell in love with them then and there! The pudding then.. well if you know me then you will know I am a huge pudding fan. I chose the passion fruit creme brulee and mango sorbet because both of these fruits are two of my favourites. I kid you not, this was the most amazing pudding ever! If you look at the above photos you can see my Nanna actually got the same and they personalised it for it which was the cutest touch ever!! If you have not guessed already then this was easily and by a long shot... the nicest meal I have ever eaten!!! I could not recommend Gilgamesh enough to any of you who are on the lookout for an incredible meal in London!! The website is if any of you want to go and check out their menu. 

I truly did love my time in London and since my blog has taken off somewhat in the last few weeks I seem to have been invited to a lot more which is based in London. So today believe it or not I am actually in London again (as this blog goes live) for an event which I will blog about soon. I really am looking forward to spending more time in this incredible and beautiful city exploring and seeing more things I love. I do feel very lucky right now!! 



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