Sunday, 1 November 2015

That Style Heist Khaki Bomber

An obvious staple item of mine this Autumn is a bomber jacket. I've been desperately trying to get my mitts on one since the beginning of September but couldn't justify some of the prices they were asking for in certain shops. Therefore, when I spotted this one from Style Heist I just knew I needed to buy it then and there and couldn't risk losing my opportunity. 

Bomber jackets are effortlessly stylish - chuck them on over some cool black jeans and black top and there you have a really cool day outfit. Wear one with a LBD and you've got yourselves a night time outfit. I wore mine with a black and white checked top and jeans with knee high boots for an autumnal day time look and couldn't be happier. 

This one is padded which I LOVE because it adds some extra shape and definition to the jacket! Obviously I'm crazy for the colour also, its khaki and I have got a little obsession going on at the moment! However, if khaki isn't your thing.. you can also get it in black & burgundy! 

I'm so happy I finally managed to grab myself a khaki bomber, love this one so much and I can guarantee its going to be a staple of mine! Why not click the 'style heist' link below and see what other incredible pieces they have, I know my list is as long as my arm & ever growing!



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  1. I love bomber jackets but I don't feel comfortable in them for some reason! You look so lovely and the setting is beautiful.

    Hannah | Oh January


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