Monday, 9 November 2015

Lazy Days In Boutique of Molly

Who says when you chill you NEED to wear Pyjamas or joggers, I know personally I love to put some nice clothes on most days and this is simply because for 3-4 days of the week I wear a uniform.. so obviously this makes me rather excited about the prospect of having some nice clothes on! Recently I just started working with the incredible online boutique 'Boutique of Molly' which sells very on trend and in season products. I love anything lace up at the moment, I wore a lot of lace up items in the summer and figured that's when it would stop.. But then I saw that places had started making jumpers and long sleeved dressed with lace up detailing and knew it was hear to stay! Obviously I could not be happier about this as I loveee it, therefore when BOM approached me about their products I just knew that this jumper needed to be mine! I love grey anyway, and monochrome is just so easy to style in the Autumn and Winter seasons so I knew that I needed this jumper in my life. 

The thing I like about lace up jumpers is that obviously you can layer them, because of the lace up section going quite low you could easily wear a little black vest top underneath for that extra layer when its cold or just for a little more subtleness. On this day I actually just wore it with a bra (as you can see it does appear in some of the above photographs) but obviously with it being a black bra and being indoors, this is completely ok! 

Usually I always swoon over lace ups, some look so beautiful online but I just know that the design and material etc would not allow for a bra to be worn underneath and with my confidence levels for my chest size being below ground I just cannot get away with wearing pieces like this. Its such a shame as I think they look super flattering but unfortunately me and not wearing a bra just dont go well together.. which is another reason why I love this jumper, its versatile so that it can be worn with something underneath and the lace could be pulled a little tighter if need be. Also, if you are someone who has a bigger bust then this would also look amazing with no bra for you! 

I've seen so many pieces on there website that I have included on my list of 'I need to buy products' and I would highly recommend you guys go and have a look and make a little purchase! 




  1. You look lovely! I really want to get a lace up top like that, so pretty <3

    Sinead | Dreaming Again


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