Sunday, 8 November 2015

Feel Unique Sample Review

Recently I placed a rather large order from Feel Unique and when the parcel arrived I was super surprised to see that 2 boxes arrived? Initially I panicked thinking "oh no have I ordered 2 of them?!" then when I opened the boxes I realised that in fact the second box was just full of free samples of various different products! This is why I figured I'd do this post as its a chance to do a mini review of some products I received and tell you my thoughts about each. 

Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Mask - 
This mask was an in shower mask which is basically designed to revive your hair if its feeling a little bit lifeless and dry. Mine was definitely feel like this when I used it, prior to this I'd been away for the weekend and my hair had been attacked by a lot of heat and products constantly over the 2 days.. so I figured when I got home that it would be nice to treat my hair to something a little bit more intense. Anyway, this left my hair feeling beautifully soft and full of life again. Being blonde, sometimes my hair needs treatments quite often. Especially when its getting to that time of needing a cut... like now. Recommend this so here is a link to this on feel unique - John Frieda Frizz ease mask

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser -
I don't think I have put a product on my skin before and instantly fallen in love with it, until I tried this out! The smell was one thing, but the consistency of the product and also the lightness on the skin were what made me fall in love. Its literally smells like oranges which does wonders for me, I love anything citrus and it definitely made me feel instantly energised as I just love it so much. I've already written the name of this down ready to purchase as soon as possible. If I ever find another moisturiser like this I will be very surprised. Origins Ginzing moisturiser

Emma Hardie Protect and Prime -
These are a batch of products I have heard so many people rave about but never actually got around to using - anyway, I managed to get so much use out of this little sachet that I actually feel as though I can properly review it! The scent of this product is insane, it literally made my skin smell like heaven - which was obviously a winning starting point for me! Next, I have to comment on how incredibly nourishing it was as a moisturiser and how the primer element of this was so good it managed to keep my make up on for SO long (all of my night shift to be precise, and no other primer I have tried has done that yet). I feel I need to save a few pennies to give this product a go as investing in something a little bit more expensive evidently works and I am sure this would last a long time due to only needing a minimal amount for it to actually work! I completely recommend giving this product a go for so many reasons! Emma Hardie Protect and Prime

Darphin revitalizing oil - 
Yet another product I've totally fallen for, but then again if you know me and my obsession with argon oil you will have immediately guessed how much I LOVE this incredible product. Its a high end product, which is unlike any other argon oil that I have tried. My hair is left feeling so incredibly nourished afterwards and I am definitely contemplating making a cheeky purchase of this!! Also, oil is a product which you can use the bare minimum amounts of and still see results, so making a purchase of this product would last you SO long, especially if you don't wash your hair everyday (Like me). Darphin Revitalizing oil

Salcura Antiac Liquid Spray x2 -
I was super duper excited when I first looked in this bag of goodies seeing that there was a spot treatment product. I am a previous acne sufferer and since that calmed down I do still occasionally come out in horrendous breakouts in specific places on my face. 1st things 1st, the smell of this product is so nice.. not like other spot treatments which smell quite acidic at times - this one smells like cola cubes (I think anyway). I feel like it works wonders on my spots, drying them out pretty rapidly which is what I needed! Salcura Antiac Liquid Spray

Benefit Facial Emulsion -
I have the benefit moisturiser already and im crazy for it so when I saw this in the goody bag of samples I was super excited to give it a go! I loveee this, the smell is exactly the same as my moisturiser but also the consistency of this one is amazing but also completely different from the moisturiser. This product is much thinner and more runny but goes onto the skin much better. I definitely think this is the perfect product to apply right before your make up because its not to thick and leaves your skin feeling glowy! I love it! Benefit Face Emulsion

I really love all of the above products. Some I have already gone out and bought the full sized versions of, and some are on my list of things to buy!! I particularly loved the Emma Hardie Prime and Protect and Origins Ginzing. Let me know if any of you are going to give these products a go, or have any other recommendations of skincare products for me to try!



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