Sunday, 15 November 2015

Being a Country Girl at heart

Just a little background information, I grew up in the North of England in a little town in County Durham (Barnard Castle) for any of you who may know the area. I spent my childhood outdoors pretty much, whether it being playing in my garden in the town making tree houses or whether it be at either of my Grandparents houses in the countryside. My Nan and Pop lived on a farm which had lots of random animals and loads of space to run riot in, and my Grandma and Grandad lived in a little village in the moors where everything fun to do was outdoors and involved messing around in the river or playing in fields etc. Either way, I had a very active and fun childhood which consisted of being outdoors 99% of the time. Where I lived was very safe and my family had full confidence that me and my little brother would be absolutely fine, which we were. You can guarantee looking back at old photos that I would be wearing scruffy clothes, they'd end up covered in mud, I would be climbing through little cracks in walls, jumping fences, rolling around in mud, playing in water etc.. and That was exactly the way it should be!

Being a teenager meant I swayed more towards hanging around in the town, in parks, or even indoors on the computer, watching TV etc rather than getting out and enjoying the fresh air in the country like I used to. It was only when I moved to uni in Newcastle in 2011 that I really appreciated my routes, and actually missed breathing non polluted air. I miss the peacefulness of the country, the space to do what you want outdoors, privacy etc etc. Everything about country life is what I love, and I miss it now more than ever. I do love my life in Sheffield but soon changes will be occurring again when my boyfriend gets a job elsewhere and we have to move somewhere smaller so that we are both going to be able to have equal commute to work. When considering where we live I definitely think the countryside needs to come into it slightly, or at least just easy access to somewhere beautiful!

This weekend myself and Simon took a little trip to the Lincolnshire countryside to stay with my Grandparents. These photos are of my Aunty's beautiful horse, Penny who I have literally known all of my life (Shes 26, and I'm 23 - the horse that is, not my Aunty). Its kind of weird to think I've lived my whole life surrounded by this animal and that's why I love going to Lincoln and just taking everything in. I barely ever get the opportunity to go over to my grandparents so when I do its so good to take a step back, get a bit muddy helping my Pop out in the fields with the horses and animals and just forgetting about everything for 5 minutes. The minute we arrived at my grandparents the brand new jumper I had on immediately got ruined, which in the city I'd be super annoyed with but I should have known better than to go there with brand new clothes on when they have 4 huge dogs which get so excited to see me that they jump up constantly. I literally had paw prints all over me but I really did not care. This weekend has made me miss home and living with this on my doorstep so much, but at the same makes me appreciate the time I do get in the countryside so much more. I'm actually going home this weekend up North for one week so I'm super excited to go on some long walks with my dog and take some incredible photographs of the scenery. I'll keep you all posted as I think my home town is a special little place and I want to capture some incredible shots to show you all. 

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