Friday, 6 November 2015

An Autumnal Ombre Lip | Topshop X Whatlaurenlovess

Topshop lipsticks are by far some of my favourites in my collection, and I'm constantly looking for new colours to add to my collection. I only own 3 shades but the ones I do have been used to death for particular occasions. I originally owned 'Ohh La La' and 'Straight Ace' which I am obsessed with (and you have all probablies read about from my summer make up posts), however I sometimes do feel that because these shades are so bright and "out there" I never really wear them other than for the festival season in the Summer. Therefore recently when I purchased 'Head Rush' because I thought it would add to my autumnal lipstick collection perfectly, I decided I would try to create an autumnal ombre lip look which en-cooperated all 3 of my Topshop collection. Which is a win win because I get to use my favourite bright summer lipsticks AND create an incredible ombre look which is completely unique. 

Starting with 'straight ace' I applied this to the corners of my lips using a brush to ensure accuracy and also using a brush would allow for a better blend of the products. Following this I then used 'Head Rush' into the middle of my lips, up to the meeting point of the purple shade. Then, using the brush I blended these 2 colour together, ensuring that it was a transitional colour change and not a noticeable line. Once I was happy with the way this looked I then applied 'Ohh La La' directly into the centre of my lips as I figured this shade would brighten up the look and give a highlighting effect. I then blended this in with a lip brush to again ensure that there is no noticeable differences of the lipsticks. 

Overall I was super pleased with this lip look! I loveee the ombre lip look because it allows you to create something completely individual which nobody else has! It also allowed me to wear my favourite shades in a season I normally wouldn't! 

Go over to > topshop < and find these lipsticks in the beauty section! Honestly they are very wearable and I love them so much! Grab some of your favourite shades and see what you can create too!! 

A Topshop x WhatLaurenLovess Collaboration


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