Friday, 16 October 2015

Wandering the streets of Split

Sad to say that this is the last of my Croatia blogposts, but I thought i'd end it with some photographs from a couple of the beautiful sunny days we explored the city.. just to show it doesnt always rain! Split is honestly such a beautiful place, exploring it has definitely made me dream of exploring other cultural places in the future and im very excited to see other parts of the world! 

Our trip to Split has also made me realise that there's so much more to a holiday than lying on a beach.. as much as I love it and will continue to do it, there's also so much culture to be explored! Im excited to explore different places in different seasons as I want to get a sense of places at christmas and in Winter. I always see beautiful photographs of all of the eastern european countries capital cities at christmas time and it just looks so incredible, Im desperate to continue travelling! 

I have decided to add a travel category to my blog, which will include my reviews of hotels.. whether its in the UK or elsewhere, it will also include various different posts about places i've been visiting etc. Another reason for me doing this is because I really want to be able to click my own blog and click the category and look back at all of my photographs and memories of a place at the click of a button. 

I hope I have inspired at least one of you to consider going to Split, it really is a stunning place.. its also so cheap but I do have a feeling its going to be very up and coming and will be a very popular destination in the future.. so id suggest going sooner rather than later!! Let me know in the comments below whether any of you are contemplating going after reading any of my posts.. or your thoughts of it! Id love to hear them! 


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