Wednesday, 14 October 2015

New Home Details

I feel very excited that I can finally share this post with you guys, now i've finally got around to purchasing some of the home pieces I have been eyeing up for months!! So bascially as you all know, I moved to Sheffield at the beginning of August with my boyfriend, Simon - and it wasnt until the beginning of September that we moved into our new flat. However, with my birthday and starting a new job, and travelling home etc, I havent got around to having a good sort out and find the right place for all of my little bits and pieces. 

I thought id put this together to show you what kind of pieces Ive got placed around my home and why Ive chosen some of the little bits i've got. Im in love with neutral tones at the moment, so whites, browns, nudes with added copper and rose gold. Although to be honest which blogger OR girl doesnt love these kind of details around their home?! Whenever ive spotted any pieces in shops Ive picked them up and knew I could find a place for them in my flat! 

Ill start with the bathroom - to be honest this room doesnt have much storage or shelving space for pretty things, but any available spaces Ive used to stand some of my decorations whilst also keeping it quite minimal. So, Ive got my bath bombs on display alongside my collection of shower gels, shampoos etc. I then have this rather large mirror covering pretty much one whole wall, and infont of this is a small shelf made from tiles. I have collected only a couple of pieces for this as I didnt want clutter and also find bathrooms are places which can get quite grubby and I wanted pieces in there which would clean easily. I got this glass dome from a little shop in my home town and I decided Id use it as a storage for cotton pads - useful and pretty. I then placed my owl candle holder besides it, because its neutral and who doesnt love candles in their bathroom?

In the living room im completely kitted out with all things copper and rose gold. As you may have seen from my recent blog post - we renovated a couple of tables so that they were an off-white colour. Everything now matches very well. Although some of the pieces which are particularly my favourites in the room are.. the incredible copper bowl for the centre piece of our table, the marble coasters, the wooden giraffe ornament, my framed degree and believe it or not - a gift bag I got for my birthday with this incredible old style map on it. I thought that the bag made a perfect addition to my home decor as it looks far too good to be a gift bag & looks so cool and a little bit different also! 

Last but not least I'll talk you through the bedroom. Now the bedroom is somewhere in particular which I feel can look completely girly and elegant - because lets be honest if we let boys design the layout and pick the decorations for our bedrooms, it would look pretty dire. Anyway, the pieces in my room which im particularly lusting over right now are the amazing metal mirror, marble plate which holds my perfume collection, copper and white tealight holders, my owl photoframe with the yankee candle and little dish for jewellery etc, I was lucky enough to receive some of these bits for my birthday this year - because people obviously know me too well and im very predcitable, however I love them and they all have their place in my room. 

I still have lots of bits and pieces to get and I dont think a house is ever really complete - were always adding to it and changing things around a little bit. If anyone is wanting to get their hands on any of the bits Ive got I will have them linked in the SHOP tab above - so click on their and see if ive managed to find the links for things!! 



  1. Love the copper candle holder!

  2. Love the map bag! Such a vintage feel and I need to get my game on with my perfume display! Yours looks fab! x

    Formal dress up fun over on-

  3. I love all your little bits and bobs - especially all the marble things!

    Keep up the good blog!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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