Thursday, 8 October 2015


Just thought I'd do a little post because I'm literally obsessed with everything Autumn at the moment! October has flown around very quickly this year and is somehow upon us again. As much as I love the summer, I am crazy for Autumn and lets be honest anyway, we never really have Summer in the UK anyway. Il give you a few little reasons why I love Autumn so much.. The crispness in the air and the constant feeling of truly fresh air, rather than just stuffy muggy weather. Halloween and Bonfire Night (despite the fact Im doing night shifts over both of these days this year). Being all snuggled inside in PJS and onesies, drinking tea or hot chocolate! The fact that its not REALLY cold, the sun still shines and actually has some heat in it but is still super fresh. The beautiful colours of the leaves on the trees. Autumn fashion is my favourite, amazing colours and materials, This year im crazy for anything rust, khaki and suede. Candles. Pumpkin carving. Warm baths. Incredible christmas candles and the scent of cinnamon (definitely much more acceptable in autumn!). Collecting conkers. How everything just feels so incredibly cosy! 

Aw im just so excited for this season I cant explain! Ive got so much coming up this month and also in November that I cannot contain my excitement! Also, something to add to this post as a little comparison to this time last year.. I recently went through all of my blog posts in search for something, and whilst doing it I ended up looking back at last years autumn post.. Id just like to make a point of saying I cant believe how much WLL has come on in one year!! Its crazy, my photographs have changed, my content has changed, my focus has changed.. I just cant explain how incredible it is to blog! I love it so much and its now such a huge part of my life that I honestly couldnt imagine life without it! 

A little about the above photos then... They were all taken at a beautiful park in Sheffield called the Botanical Gardens, which is by far my favourite park in the city! The gardens are incredible and its literally just such a tranquil place. As per usual I have included photographs of me being at one with nature, I seem to attract animals which to me is such a good thing but to be THIS close to a wild squirrel I did think was a little incredible. For any of you animal lovers out there, you may agree with me too!! I love including animals and nature in my post, nature is such a good thing to photograph and I just think it makes you appreciate the world we live in so much more. Hope you guys all enjoyed these photos, im so so pleased with how they turned out with zero editing also! and I definitely enjoyed my moment with the squirrel! 




  1. Your photography is absolutely beautiful! Fall is one of my favorite season and it doesn't hurt that I can finally pull out my boots and sweaters without freezing my butt off lol. I tried to comment on your autumn makeup look (which was gorgeous! Gotta love dark lippies) but when I tried to sign into google to leave a post, it totally deleted my comment. (Thanks Lot Google lol) your blog is beautiful by the way.

    1. Thankyou so much! This is such a lovely comment! I think Autumn is truly the most beautiful season to photograph! Google has its perks but also its downfalls for not letting you comment! Im glad you enjoyed reading lovely!! xx


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