Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn Eye Make Up

Ok so all of you who are frequent visitors to my blog may notice something a little bit different about this post... The photo quality has excelled by about a million times of what it was before! I've now got the amazing Olympus Pen and its transforming my photography in amazing ways! So here's the first ever post shot with my olympus pen and its a beauty one! 

I couldnt not do a autumn eye tutorial, I Loveeee the autumn looks that i'm seeing at the moment! So many beautiful bronze eyes, red lips, dark nude lips, contours, im obsessed with it! I think is totally the shade that fits my skin and its my favourite look to create! I love nothing more than deep coloured lips and nudes.. so im in my element right now! 

So Today I thought i'd show you my go-to look for autumn this year featuring my 'fake' Naked 3 palette - which id like to add.. I didnt know was fake when I bought it. When i discovered it was, I was so tempted to throw it away but despite everything I do love the colours in it and even though they are completely different to the ones in the actual Naked 3 palette, I do tend to use it quite a lot!! So... because you all wont have the same shades as me in your real palettes, I have added a photograph above of the shades Ive used so you can use similar in your real ones! 
Firstly I used the shade, 'trick' as a base shade over the lid.. which is basically just a matte brown. Next I grabbed myself a cotton pad and folded it in half and held this against the corner of my eye so that there was a small amount of definition to the eyeshadow but nothing harsh! Next, I used the colour 'Liar' which is essentially a shimmery dark brown and I used this in the outer corner to create the flick and also used this in the crease to add some depth to the look. I then patted on the shade 'Buzz' which in my palette is a very shimmery gold and I used this over the lid and into the inner corner to add a autumnal glimmer. I then ensured that all of these colours were super blended as I didnt want a look which was too harsh. Following this I then used my Topshop Beauty eyeshadow in the shade 'wax and wane' which is a beautiful cranberry shimmer colour with iridescent glitter inside. I loveee this colour and definitely think berry shades add to the autumn look! 

Im pretty sure that although none of you will have this palette, you will definitely be able to recreate this with any similar ones you have! I then teamed it with my new favourite autumn lipstick by Maybelline which you can check out the shade if you click here... .


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  1. This is such a beautiful makeup look! I love the lipstick you're wearing :)


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