Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Motel Rocks A/W Wishlist

As a blogger I know I absolutely love to read others' wishlists, just to gain and little inspiration and see whats available in places I wouldnt always look. Today, I bring you my Motel Rocks a/w wishlist, as to me Motel Rocks just does A/W style effortlessly and has some absolutely FLAWLESS pieces which are perfect for all of the upcoming christmas parties and new year celebrations. 

This season Im completely crazy for skirts and dresses, and to be honest this is quite a new thing for me.. especially for day wear. Which is why on my wishlist i've included so many beautiful pieces some of which are casual and some are evening wear!! 

The dress at the top is 100% my ideal NYE dress, and the reason i've included this in my wishlist is because this year im going all out for NYE. This is because last year I worked night shift and it was the biggest disappointment ever, it didnt even feel like New year and there was also absolutely nobody sitting around me to even see the new year in with.. So this year im making every second count.. including making sure I get a killer outfit!! This beautiful Sequin bodycon dress is exactly what im looking for!! 

Next we have this incredible Cord pinafore dress which is exactly what im looking to add to my autumn/winter wardrobe. I love cord, its such a beautiful and expensive feeling material and is lovely and thick to ensure warmth in the colder seasons. Need to get my mitts on this. 

Next week have this more plain piece which is this roll neck long sleeve dress. I love this because its perfect for daywear but also got the roll neck which I literally love! I know how id style this so I need to add to it to my wardobe, and sharpish. 

We alllll love an A line skirt, and this one is so beaut for this season. Im crazy for the colours of the above A line skirt. It would look incredible styled down for a day or dressed up for evening wear. A line skirts are my ultimate favourite skirts because they hug you in all the right places but arent completely tight everywhere which is what I definitely need for my mismatch body shape. 

And last but definitely not the least is this absolutely incredible dress which is probablies my favourite out of all the above pieces!! I love how 60's this looks and think its just got all the right detailing in all the right places!! I am absolutely crazy for the pattern and how the flowers bring such an incredible colour pop! Need need need this for my autumnal wardobe. 

You guys need to get over to motel rocks to check out their incredible pieces! Ive linked everything directly in bold!! 



  1. I love Motel! Really like all these looks but loving the a-line skirt and the last dress. Gorgeous blog btw :)

  2. I have never got anything from Motel before but I definitely need too!! I loveee the last dress, its my fav! Thanks so much as well lovely xo


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