Wednesday, 19 August 2015

We Are Cow | Sheffield - Re-Launch Party

Moving to sheffield in the last few weeks has been good in so many ways! My boyfriend lived in sheffield for 3 years prior to moving to cardiff together so i was always used to the shops and places in Sheffield before actually moving here myself. Cow was one of the places that i was looking forward to being reunited with after a long year down in Wales. When we had a wander up West Street and spotted that the outside of what was 'Cow' had changed colour my heart sunk, i instantly thought it had gone... but much to my happiness it hadnt and infact it had been hugely refurbished!! Seeing that there was a re-launch event was like music to my ears as i knew i needed to go! Obviously now with blogging and my obsession with fashion i just knew i needed to attend this night and have a good opportunity to rummage through the reems of amazing vintage clothing they have! 
The event definitely did not disappoint, drinks on entry, music, doughnuts, clothes, chatting etc. I had a really good night! I am super excited to have Cow back in my life again! I loved having a good rummage through the clothes as sometimes through the day when you've got a million other things to do you dont really have the full opportunity to look at absolutely everything! I found so many pieces that i just couldnt resist (however had to due to insufficient funds at the moment) I did spot a beautiful polka dot skirt though and did buy it! Im going to Croatia very very soon so be sure to see my lookbooks and spot the skirt in there somewhere!! 
If you fancy a little shopping trip to sheffield id definitely recommend a trip to Cow to have a look through there amazing vintage collection.. it really is completely unique and theres so many amazing pieces which are completely different from anything else you will own! I cant wait to grab some more bits in the future and style them up! 
If you dont live anywhere near a place which has a We Are Cow shop, then dont forget they have a website so be sure to check them out and see what pieces they've got!! 


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