Monday, 24 August 2015

Top 5 Festival Essentials

Festivals are something which i get super excited for and I love trialling out new products and buying loads of mini travel size ones to take with me! If you are a first time festival go-er then this might be a little reminder for you what to remember to bring besides the basic festival needs like a tent, toilet roll, sleeping bag etc. 

1. Plasters - For me, Plasters are an absolute essential festival item! I literally dont risk wearing any other footwear than wellies so by the end of the weekend my feet are blistered everywhere! However, at least if you bring plasters & preferably padded ones then maybe you can have some form of protection for your feet! At least this way you wont have wet and sore feet, only slightly sore feet when jumping around loving life! 

2. Hand Sanitiser - If you've been to a festival you wont even need to read an explanation why you need to take hand sanitiser with you! Basically, the toilets are groce (beyond groce infact) and you're spending a weekend in a field in mud. So basically any form of cleanliness is your friend, hand sanitiser at least freshens your hands up slightly! 

3. Dry Shampoo - If you are like me and have seriously greasy hair after just one day of not washing it then dry shampoo will be your best friend at a festival! Im not sure about other festival but at Creamfields you arent allowed aerosols so instead of risking having everything taken off me, i am opting for this Lush dry shampoo which is in powder form! Im actually super excited to try this one. I usually just use the aerosol ones but they leave my hair feeling quite tacky and sometimes worse than before! So lets see what i make of this one! 

4. Dry Shower Body Wash - Ok so usually id just opt for baby wipes but when one of my friends instagrammed that she found this in boots I couldnt resist grabbing a bottle for myself! Its basically a cleanse without water. This one is in the super fresh scent of cucumber too so Im super excited to give it a go. I will also be taking baby wipes just for that extra freshness but at only £3 this bottle was definitely worth a shot! 

5. Bleach London Rose Hair Crayon - Finally, just for fun! I am going to give this hair crayon a whirl this time round! This one is in rose pink and ive tested it out already and Im obsessed with it!! Us girls are obsessed with just glamming up and getting all boho esque for festivals! I havent tried anything like this for my hair so i figured now being blonde the pink would pick up in my hair amazingly! Super excited to have a play so dont forget to check out my instagram after Creamfields this weekend and see what it looked like!! 

Let me know if any of you have gained any inspiration from this post & decided to go out and purchase these bits! Also theres still a couple of days standing between me and creamfields so please dont hesitate to comment below anything you think are your festival essentials which i need to get my hands on! 


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