Friday, 7 August 2015

Top 10 tips for being organised.

Organisation to me is an absolute key quality. I cannot stand to not be organised on a day to day basis. Dont get me wrong.. im not some crazy control freak but i do think life is much much easier if you know what you're doing, when you're doing it and can get yourself places on time. 
I always used to get super frustrated when i was living at home with my mum and brother because the pair of them are just so unbelievably useless when it comes to organising where to be and when. However, now since moving out I am able to organise myself without having to worry about when my mum can pick me up or fit my schedule around anybody else. 
So... maybe if you arent the most organised person (like my mum, brother & boyfriend) here is my 10 top tips to help you out.... 

1. To do Lists are a must. I kid you not, my life is made of to do list, and each has a box next to it and gets ticked when complete. Theres definitely a sense of achievement and productivity when you have ticked off all of your jobs on your to do list and know you have nothing to worry about forgetting you need to do! 

2. Never leave anything until last minute. Im not talking about arranging things 7 weeks in advance or whatever... but just make sure you dont forget to do important things until about 5 minutes before. Like, remember to fill your car up with petrol to get you to work, if you're at school... dont leave your homework until the night before, If you're desperate for a hair appointment dont expect to phone on the day and them be able to slot you in - just book in advance. 

3. Get yourself a diary. My diary to me is my life, i write my shifts, birthdays, events and anything that i need to remember to do on a particular day into my diary! Andd.... surprise surprise i never forget or lose track of what im doing. 

4. If you are into your smartphones or apps, download 'shift mate' - this to me is such a useful and an amazing app. If i dont happen to have my diary on me, then i quickly jot my shifts for work down onto this app and it keeps a calender of when you are working and what shifts you are doing. Its definitely been a lifesaver for when im out and just want to double check im not working when i want to make plans. 

5. With regards to blogging - have a schedule. This to me makes my life so much easier. I plan all of my posts a long time in advance and have them ready and scheduled so that im not having a nervous breakdown an hour before i need to upload. Instead when im on a long day at work my posts automatically upload themselves, which is great!

6. Keep all of your important documents together in a safe place. I could not express the importance of this. If you arent organised then im pretty sure that you will have lost or misplaced some important document in the past. Therefore why not just grab yourself a plastic wallet, or a file or a box and put everything of importance into it all together. This includes things like passports, driving license, education certificates, CRB Documents, job contracts etc. 

7. Keep your keys in a place you will remember. Nothing is more infuriating than losing your keys so why not just have a designated place for them to stay? and then you wont have to run around looking for them every single time you need to leave the house... 

8. Get organised for work the night before. My shifts start at 7am and honestly, there would be nothing worse than trying to locate everything i need on a morning before getting myself to work. Therefore what i do is lay everything out ready to just grab in the morning and it saves me so much time. At the end of the day wouldnt we all prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed??

9. Set off in plenty of time.. If you have to be somewhere at a particular time then leave yourself enough time to get there and consider things like parking, traffic etc. 

10. Pay everything important (rent, bills, etc) the day you get paid. Then the moneys gone, and you've got the money in your account to spend on other things. Like a couple of treats, petrol or a food shop... 

I hope at least one of the above tips has helped you if you struggle to organise yourself! Honestly, life would be so much easier if you even take one helpful tip away from this.. i promise you!!


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