Friday, 28 August 2015

The New Bayalage Hair.

Ok so if you follow me on instagram or any social media for that matter, then you may have seen IVE GOT NEW HAIR. Its probablies not hugely different to others but to me its a huge difference, because it seems so much darker to me! 
I have been contemplating a hair change for a little while but I am honestly so hair anxious its unbelievable and always need to consider what im going to do for so long before it. I think this stems from a few horrific hair cuts when i was younger and now im just terrified of getting my hair chopped or dyed incase it looks revolting! 
Before i took my trip to the hair dressers I did a little instagram and google research about hair styles id possibly like and came across the bayalage ombre. I had a blonde ombre already but honestly the bleach that was going onto my hair was just making it so dry and it just seemed that it stopped growing so i thought maybe it might be a good idea to have a little break or even just tone down the blonde for a little while. Anyway, on talking with the hairdresser we decided to go for an ash blonde bayalage ombre. Both colours used on the ombre were completely new so thats probablies why to me it felt so different. I went an ash brown shade for the darker shade and instead of this only being nearer my roots we brought it down into the bottoms of my hair like low lights. The bottom colour was a light ash blonde using only colour and no bleach. Although to me this seems really different I actually really love the change, and although i may not it for toooo long (although who knows) it will be great as a little break for my blonde hair. 
Ive also got some new shampoo and conditioner which i am going to trial out and do a review which should bring some of the original blonde out and make it brighter - so keep your eyes peeled for that soon! Also im going on holiday in a few days so a week in the sunshine will probablies make it blonder too! 
I love it though and this grey/ash ombre style is completely on trend at the moment! To be honest, what ive learnt from this is sometimes to just go for it... im so terrible when it comes to making decisions about my hair! I definitely have anxieties when it comes to changing my hair so im proud of myself for just impulsively doing it!! 


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