Friday, 21 August 2015

Learning to deal with negativity

Some of you may look at the title of this post and think 'IS SHE JOKING? she lets people get to her ore than anything' particularly my friends or family that read this as they know me so well and how i react to things! However, the aim of this post is to teach myself and offer some guidance and advice to others while im trying to learn not to be bothered by peoples negativity myself. 

'I dont understand why im being treat like this?'
'What have i done wrong?' 
'Is that directed at me?' 
'Is this some form of karma towards me?'
'When is some good luck coming my way?'
'When is what i actually do for people going to be recognised?'

All of the above questions are things i ask myself on a regular basis because i can honestly say some peoples behaviour and actions towards me is SO baffling, and i just cannot understand humans. Never mind understanding the inner workings of some peoples brains and thought processes towards me. 

I have to admit, i am a very opinionated person. Not in a bad way, but i am not frightened to tell someone if i think what they're saying is wrong, and i certainly dont nod my head like a dog when someone starts speaking badly about someone. In no way is this post me saying im frightened of anyone either, its me saying i just dont understand peoples negativity towards me at times. 
I have recently made a few life changes which are working very positively for me which i guess is a good thing and also a huge focus for me to take my mind off all the negativity that has been thrown my way recently. So, below i have written myself a few little helpful hints i need to remember each time someone has made me feel bad or im feeling down about the negativity im receiving from one direction or another... 

If something annoys you or predominantly upsets you, just dont look at it or be involved with it. Dont be involved with that person, or even just distance yourself. Keep everything right so that there isnt issues but just keep yourself to yourself. 

Dont let anyone see how they are making you feel. Strange as it is, people sometimes feed of other peoples misery and sadness... so dont let them see they are getting to you! Maybe even that way you might stop being bothered yourself. 

Dont do anything which karma can come around and bite you on the bum for. Just be as good as a person you feel like you can be. 

Think of all the good things you did today... For me it might be that ive been to work and looked after a very poorly patient and they have been grateful for their care or their condition has improved, It could be that person who dropped something in the street and you picked it up for them, It could be anything! You need to remember if you are feeling down and you feel like people just relish off making you feel crap, that you are a good person & dont let anyone make you think otherwise. 

If some peoples behaviour instantly puts you in a bad mood, just stop thinking about it. This has worked AMAZINGLY for me recently. I now am no longer involved with some individuals who i maybe would have done anything for at some points.. but now i barely spare them the thought anymore. Just like i know they dont with me. 

Do something which makes you proud of yourself everyday. Ive done so much lately which absolutely terrified me before but now im just so pleased i pushed myself. Whenever im feeling down i think of this. 

Make some positive changes in your life. Change your job if its making you unhappy, plan a little trip somewhere, go for a walk and change your environment, change your bedroom around.. theres a million things you can do. 

Distract yourself. Mine is definitely with blogging. Blogging is my hobby and a huge distraction to me. Your distraction might be watching the tv, exercising, doing some baking, doing arsty/craft things, playing games.. etc. Just do something to take your mind of it.

I am not saying its a good thing, but i couldnt really not include it when its something i would do myself. Sometimes a shopping spree or even just a treat to yourself can take your mind off things. Im guilty of this so i cant say its bad.. but honestly sometimes i do feel better knowing ive got a little treat on the way from the post man. 

Its so horrible people at the receiving end of negativity or hearing people have been talking about you so sometimes its just nice to read a little list of directions to take if you feel like the negativity is getting too much. Sometimes, i literally feel completley overwhelmed by everything thats going on that i cant even think straight. I let things get to me SO MUCH and sometimes i just feel like whats missing is someone to talk to. Sometimes the right person is around to talk to, but sometimes they arent and if you feel that way then you need to think of some other techniques to make yourself feel better. I just want any of my readers to know, that i am always available to speak to... my email is and if you follow me on social media then send me a message. Im always available to speak to if someone has a problem, maybe because of my job and how the main element is caring for people.. I would hate to think that people feel lonely and have nobody to talk to! 

I hope this post has helped some of you! Give it a print screen or a save so you can refer back to it. I know for a fact its going to be one of my own posts il definitely be looking back to for some guidance. 


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