Monday, 13 July 2015

Swimwear Wishlist

Summer is here and everybody and their dog is going on holiday and mine is soon approaching so i figured i'd make my swimwear wishlist of all of the bits and pieces im in love with to wear around the pool or on the beach! So here ive picked some of my favourites for you and the links will all be available below!
Im completely loving that swimsuits are now on trend! The only issue i have with wearing a swimsuit is that you wont get a tan across your tummy which will obviously make your body a little uneven.. but im sure if you mix it up between swimsuit & bikinis you would even your tan out just right!! 

Asos Black Plunge Swimsuit -  I love this swimsuit so much .. i think the design and style is extremely flattering and obviously being black its completely playing it safe which is why i probablies like this a lot! I havent worn a swimsuit since i was little so something very neutral like black would be completely up my street! I also havent been the most fortunate person in the world with the size of my chest so this design may enhance what i do have! 

Triangl Farrah Cherry Red Bikini Set - Ok so probablies since the most i caught a first glimpse of a Triangl bikini i have been completely obsessed with them. Not too long ago i managed to get my hand on one but not realising that the sizing isnt too generous i had to sell it as it was waaaay too small. So when i spotted this one over on their website i was like 'I NEED THIS BIKINI' i love the colours, the pattern.. just everything! 

MissGuided Maryellen Deep V neck Blue Swimsuit - If i suddenly developed a backbone and was more body confident and embraced the fact i have a small chest i would love nothing more than to wear something like this beautiful swimsuit. I love the colour.. im completely obsessed with blue and just think that this bikini would look super flattering with a tan! Its also been reduced to £5 so im totally going to grab myself this and give it a whirl! 

To Die For Swimwear Lana Bikini - I spotted this bikini quite recently and honestly just fell head over heels for it more or less straight away! I love white bikinis anyway, and i love them more when they have beautiful red crochet on like the one above!! Eeek how pretty is it! White bikinis completely enhance your tan too.. This one would look stunning for my holiday in croatia in september!! 

Motel 2 piece elephant print bikini - I chose to include this bikini in my wishlist because i think its completely different to any of the other bikinis ive chosen. This one is very boho-esque and i absolutely love the design & elephant pattern. I definitely want to try get my hands on this beauty! I love it. 

Pretty Little Thing Aqua Lace Bikini - What made me drawn to this set was the beautiful aqua colour! Honestly i think this would be so dreamy to wear with a beautiful lace crochet kimono!! Pricing of this bikini is also really good. What i also love about this is the detailing to the neck strap! How cute! 

MissGuided Mesh Panelled Swimsuit - I actually think the swimsuit is my favourite out of them all. I dont know what it is but im actually obsessed with all things lace, mesh, crochet at the moment. This one is beautiful and again a couple of days into the holiday will look absolutely incredible with a tan! 100% at the top of my list for much needed bikinis for my holidays this year!! 



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