Sunday, 5 July 2015

Guest Blogger 'Beauty Bits 'n' Blogs' - Desert Island Essentials

Hello Lovely's 
I am so excited to be writing this post for Lauren. My name is Chrissy, I am a mummy to a little girl called Mia and I write Beauty, Bit's 'n' Blogs! :) Lets get down to the nitty gritty, What products would I take to a desert island with me!? This was a difficult one because I started thinking like would products would be useful rather than the main things I reach for everyday, (maybe it was the mum coming out in me!) :) But I finally decided and here is what I picked!

First off it would have to be Coconut Oil, this is something that I pick up on a daily basis! You can use it for everything. You can remove make up with it, moisture, exfoliator (if you add some sand, hehe), cook with it, use it in your hair, you name it!

Next item would be my Tangle Teezer brush I swear by this brush every time that I brush my hair I couldn't be without this brush. It makes it so much easier, to get your hair lovely and untangled! You all know how knotty your hair feels after being at the beach for the day, image being on an desert island!

This next product is one I have only recently discovered but finds it makes a huge difference. Benefit Puff Off, this is an eye gel which helps smooth the look of puffiness under your eyes. The first time i used this I saw a result almost instantly, my eyes looked brighter and under my eyes was so much smoother. Even without wearing make up this makes me feel a lot better about myself when looking in the mirror! 

My next product is a hair treatment that I got in one of my YouDiscovery boxes, it is so lovely on your hair. Made by Her Haircare it is called 300 trecento treatment. It helps to rebuild and repair your hair while it gives it shine and smoothness. I love this as a once a week treatment, it leaves my hair feeling so luscious and soft. It would be great for repairing sun damaged hair! 

This is an everyday product that I am sure we all use but it is a favourite of mine, Sure Motion Sense Invisible Aqua. When I started using this I was really surprised that it actually works and it works all day not like some where you get half way through the day and it no long works and you feel all hot and sweaty. Plus it in a compressed bottle so perfect for in your handbag. 
So they are my five desert island picks, they might not be your normal beauty favourites but they are my favourites that I would love to have on a desert island...other than water, food, a bikini the usual items! :) 
I would love it if you wanted to check out my blog over at , I am also over on both Twitter and Instagram as well.
Thank you for reading & Thank you to Lauren for having me! 
Lots of Love 
Chrissy x


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