Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Crazy animal lady...

Ok so if you know me personally, or follow any of my social media then its absolutely no secret that i am absolutely animal obsessed. All of the above photos are of my boys - also known as my pets! I have decided to write a little post about my animals because i literally am such a crazy animal lady! Particularly when it comes to my dog!! They get birthday presents and christmas presents and i even buy my dog an annual christmas outfit so that he can look lovely and fancy on christmas day!! When im at my own place in Cardiff i miss my animals so much, literally i feel like pets are the best company ever! My dog in particular cheers me up beyond belief, when hes in his crazy moods where he jumps around like a lunatic and flies around the garden! He also can 100% tell when im upset or down and he just sits with me and cuddles. I sometimes just cannot understand how people dont love animal company. I guess its because ive grown up being surrounded by animals, and having my nanna and pop live on a farm and having every pet known to man, and my grandad working on a farm and going up and helping him as a child and feeding the pets lambs! Its also no secret that I was a little bit of a tomboy when i was younger and i definitely wasnt frightened of the mud, so just loved getting stuck in with horse riding etc! I'd absolutely love to get back into doing horse riding again but just never have time or the funds to do it! But yeah, i guess this is the reason why i just love my animals! When i have a little bit of spare money after the summer im looking to subscribe to some animal treats subscription boxes.. so if anyone knows of any good ones which are reasonably priced with decent bits in.. please let me know!!
Also if you want to see actual motion images of my animals feel free to go over to this link which is from my youtube channel... its a older Vlog of mine which introduces you to my pets. I havent really been active on my youtube for a while but feel free to subscribe because il be getting going with that again after the summer!! 


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