Friday, 10 July 2015

Casual Festival Fashion

Today i bring you 2 days of festival fashion! Im super excited that its festival season & the festival clothes can start to come out of the wardrobe! A couple of weeks ago i went to a little local festival which involved a full weekend of alcohol (not good for anyone), music & camping! So obviously i had to sport some sort of festival fashion, but still trying to keep it pretty casual as it wasnt exactly your usual festival! 

So, starting from the top I wore this lush little outfit which i thought was quite summery and cute. Each of the pieces in this look are some of my favourite fashion pieces. So for this look i wore a cute little white crop top with a crepe daisy trim, navy blue hareem trousers, black leather sandals & my amazinggg £2 primark oversized aviators. I just thought this look was really girly & cute and because this day involved going around a few traditional pubs in the town i didnt want to go flaunting my smallest shorts or dress!!

Top : Topshop 
Hareem Trousers : Next
Sandals : Next
Sunglasses : Primark


Above are a few select photos from another day from the festival. The photos are to show you all some of the amazing detail of some of the pieces i chose to wear & how festival fashion can look great even if its casual! So as this idea was extremely spontaneous and i was back in Durham with my family i literally brought nothing home that was remotely festival-like & therefore had nothing waterproof! Therefore this called for a trip to primark! I got some cropped wellies which were amazing snakeskin print, a pac a mac and some socks incase i actually had to wear the wellies ha! Typically it didnt rain at all, so i didnt wear any of the bits but they'll come in handy at some point! 
Next is the amazing river island ear cuff which is the cutest little thing ever and finishes off any festival look! So cheap at only £5, and i wore it all weekend too so very pleased with this! 
My favourite item is by far this lace up crop top from New Look!! I am obsessed with everything about it. The material is crepe which is great because its good quality and very light to wear! I love the cutesy little floral pattern.. and by far my favourite part of the whole top is the lace detailing to the front!! I love how its subtly revealing but extremely flattering at the same time, i just love anything lace up at the moment!! 

I was a bit sad when my mum told me that the dress code was kind of casual but honestly i really enjoyed trying to make casual outfits seem festivally & feel like i kind of pulled it off!! Go and grab yourselves some of these bits even if you just feel like having a little festival look for a summery day as most of these items could definitely be pulled off individually!! 



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