Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tile Prints & Patent Leather on a rainy day.

Dedication to your blog when you go out in the rain to do an outfit post and have an umbrella as an accessory! Its quite funny actually because the whole point of this post is so i can show you this outfit, and i could only really justify wearing it on a miserable day where its acceptable to wear dull clothes again! So the rain didnt really make any difference whatsoever. 
Anyway, I got these pieces a little while ago and bought the top & leggings purely to go together. Starting with the top, I bought this because i fell in LOVE with the side slit and asymmetric design, and just thought this would look perfect with some bold and snazzy leggings like the ones above. Which is exactly the reason i bought the leggings! As you can see from the close up shots, these leggings are a black, burguncy and camel tile pattern and im obsessed with them. Originally i was going to play it safe and just stick with black tops to team them with but im actually going to buy some camel & burgundy tops now the weather is warming up a little bit. 
I teamed this outfit with my beautiful new patent leather boots which were a depop find of mine! I was a bit cautious of these boots as i ordered a size up and thought they might be really uncomfortable because of the material... HOWEVER they are so unbelievably comfy & im obsessed with them!! Note to self: Hunt on depop more!! 
I cant wait to spy out some more clothes to wear with each of these items & ive got a few in mind.. one in particular that i have in mind will be coming up on a post in the future. 

L A U R E N 


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