Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Get 'Unready' With Me..

Today I invite you all to get unready with me. Most bloggers and youtubers tend to do this as a video but instead of that i decided to do a montage of photographs. So, continue to read below to see my steps for getting 'unready' on an evening.. 

Changing into some Pyjamas is my first step, and on this night i was obviously going for a leopard print look ha.. bed socks & slippers are also a must for chill time. 

Next, the hair obviously has to get tied up out of the way.. cannot be doing with it hanging around in my face when im relaxing. 

Next is the disgusting part.. and some of you might be questioning the photo above but i just took this to PROVE that this stuff is amazing!! Ok so next what i do is use this amazing Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter which you basically just rub all over your face and eyes and it very quickly and thoroughly removes your make up.. all you need to do is use some dry cotton wool pads to clean it off. Its amazing, look at the state of the cotton wool after!! 

Next i take my contact lenses and give my poor eyes a rest after the long day! Anyone who wears contacts will understand what i mean. 

If any of you follow my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' you will understand my obsession with this product and seen me post about it several times.. I cannot explain how much i LOVE this moisturiser! Its so affordable and the most nourishing moisturiser ever! Its also got a beautiful creamy scent which i think is perfect for popping on as a night cream. for £3 i cannot voice how obsessed i am with this! 

Following my moisturiser its time to combat any blemishes i have (which is usually all of the time) using my all time favourite gel 'freederm'. I have used this product for yearsss and love it. I just apply it directly any spots i have and it dries them up very nicely! this is about £5 to buy but its completely worth every penny. 

I really am a huge baby lips lover.. and this one is just perfect to pop on last thing at night. Its very nourishing and i just love using it. Very affordable at about £3-£4 and it lasts ages... 

Next, on go the glasses... 

and of course my dressing gown. I pretty much live in this and absolutely love it! Now its time to chill and watch TV or whatever i may be doing that night :)

L A U R E N 


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