Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lookbook: Styling Black Culottes.

Culottes seem to have been a new and popular trend over the last few months and I have seen lots of my favourite bloggers and youtubers sporting them for events such as fashion week! I purchased this pair of black chiffon material culottes weeks & weeks ago now, but obviously the weather hasnt been too fantastic and to be honest i just wasnt brave enough to experiment styling them! I feel that they are quite a statement piece as they do look super chique and classy but you need to be very careful how you style them and wear them! I also feel like these are a piece which only certain tops and shoes would actually suit to be paired with. 
As im not completely 100% brave i decided to play it safe by teaming these with a v neck black crop which is a pin stripe material and a black and white embroidered blazer with white sandal heels. However, from playing it safe i realised that actually this outfit was exactly what i had in mind for when i wear my culottes! Black on black is such a huge trend in every season i just think that teaming the black crop with the black culottes creates such a stylish and chique look! I love it! To add some colour into this outfit i would definitely be using a bright clutch bag or my purple Michael Kors Tote Bag and definitely add a very bright lipstick just to tie everything together perfectly. 
If you are unsure about whether culottes are for you, i can tell you they are super similar to a knee length midi floaty midi skirt & unless you are walking and can see they are actually trousers, people would probablies just think they are a skirt. You can dig Culottes out from places for really reasonable prices too, these ones were from Miss Guided and cost an amazing £12. I would recommend everyone just gives them a go and experiments with a few different tops and jackets before making your mind up judging by other peoples photos! I do hope that the above photos have given some of you some inspiration. I also think this outfit would be perfect for the Races or something as well because it does look super chique and would look fab paired with some bright heels and hat or fascinator!! 


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