Wednesday, 4 February 2015

'Shweeties' treats

Hey guys! Sorry for the serious lack of posting on here lately! I have been super motivated in to growing and starting my YouTube Channel, which i am absolutely loving doing at the moment! So if you havent already then please be sure to head over and check that out & dont forget to SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP! The direct link is : . 
Okay so anyway, on to my blogpost for today! Today i just want to inform you all, if you dont already know.. about this AMAZING Sweety company one of my best friends has set up! I am lucky enough to have a good friend who makes such beautiful sweetie arrangements so i just wanted to share some of them with you that i have been lucky enough to try! 
My friend Ashleigh (Nicknamed Shwee) has recently set up the amazing company that is 'Shweeties' which sells Cones, jars, packets etc of everyones favourite sweets for super amazing prices! I WILL LEAVE DIRECT LINKS BELOW TO HER WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA! I have been lucky enough to receive some of these products and tried out the Giant Strawberries, Jelly bean hearts & love hearts (From the current Valentines collection), Fizzy Cherries & Rhubarb and Custards and honestly they were all amazing! The prices for the sweeties are super affordable & what i loveee about these products is that they make the cutest gifts for people. Sometimes buying someone a plain box of chocolates for a gift can take some of the thought out of buying presents.. however i think purchasing one of these means that you have not only put a little bit more thought into the effort of buying a gift but also you can think about what sweets people may particularly like.. Also the packaging just makes these that all the more special for someone!! 
Shweeties is also super up to date with whats on trend at the moment in terms of Valentines gifts etc, so im pretty sure you will have absolutely no problem looking for sweets for other dates in the future such as Easter etc! Ashleigh has always been super passionate about sweets and is also a sweet lover herself so when she makes these products you will know that she has put 100% thought into them as it is something that she would be happy to buy herself! Also... when i say affordable i really do mean it.. the small cones are roughly around £2 and the larger ones are £3 and they are also jam packed full so you really do get your moneys worth!! 
Shweeties has also had a little revamp to their website lately which also shows the time and dedication to the company.. this revamp included doing some website updates, replenishing stock & adding more stock and items to the range! 
Seriously guys i 100% recommend Shweeties, whether its a little treat for yourself or someone else!! Be sure you tag Shweeties in your photos online to let them know what you think of the products! The beautiful packaging and arrangements also mean that these are super pretty to photograph too hehehe! Hope you all enjoy your sugary treats as much as i have! Also please check out my new Youtube Video which will be uploaded at 6pm tonight (UK time) which will include a review on these products and you can also see them in the flesh!! You should be proud of your products Ashleigh, they really are lovely! :) 

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