Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Floral & Sequins.

Hello everybody! So today i have a little fashion related post for you all as i havent done one in farrr too long! The photos above were not really taken for the purposes of a fashion blog post but because i love TOO MANY of the pieces in this outfit i just had to share! :) 

So on saturday night i went out for a few drinks and when i go out for casual drinks i tend to like to wear leggings and a pretty top.. its kind of my 'go to' outfit. So I chose to centre my outfit around my beautiful floral cami from River Island which is silk material with a gorgeous blend coloured flowers on it! I LOVE wearing cami tops.. in any season as long as you have the right colour you can definitely get away with wearing something strappy! So as saturday was a lovely sunny day and it felt like there was almost a hint of spring around, i decided to wear something floral! 
I paired this floral cami with my all time favourite shiny leggings with a pin stripe effect material! These leggings are my favourites and i pretty much wear these everytime i go out and im not wearing a skirt or dress! These ones are topshop and they are super good material. I roughly paid £20 for these leggings and they have been worn soooo much i have definitely had my moneys worth! 
If you havent already seen the photos above then scroll up and please look at my BEAUTIFUL boots.. i am absolutely obsessed with these! As a typical girl i do love anything sequinned and sparkly so these are just the dream! I decided to wear these for mainly one reason, THEY ARE DREAMY and another, because i just wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to my outfit & these definitely do that! 
NEXT. if you have seen my most recent haul over on my youtube ( www.youtube.com/laurenmaythwaites ) you will have seen me talking about this amazing bag i picked up from Bristol airport the last time i flew home.. i got this beautiful pink bag for just £35 which is an absolute steal considering these bags normally sell for £90. and the colour is just so dreamy! I decided to use this bag because i thought it matched perfectly with the blend of pink in the flowers on my top and just thought it made the pink in my cami stand out so much more! 
As it was just drinks and i knew i would havent to lug my coat around a club i decided to wear my trusty topshop leather jacket with black faux fur neck trim! This coat is just dreamy and the perfect finish to an evening outfit! 
For lipstick i decided to wear my brand new chanel velvet allure which was also and aiport buy & wore my Eyelure 101's for the first time in forever!! 

Hope you could all get some inspiration from my outfit as theres sooo many pieces i just love far too much! 

see you guys soon :)


Top: River Island
Jacket: Topshop 
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: New Look
Bag: Ted Baker 
Lipstick: Chanel Velvet Allure 'La Romanesque'
Eyelashes: Eyelure 101 

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