Friday, 27 February 2015

Cocowhite Review.

Above: Pre using Coco White


Above: Post cocowhite.


Hey guys! So today i just thought i would do a little review of a recent product ive given a go & wanted to share with you all my thoughts about it. Im sure you have all seen celebrities raving about this product and pretty much everyone over on my instagram has been giving it a go! I decided to choose the box with the 3 different flavours in because i wanted to make the decision of which one i liked the best and didnt want to limit myself to having just one flavour to try out, especially if i didnt like it! So the box includes Mint, Vanilla and Lemon flavours and after trying out every flavour i decided that the vanilla was my favourite. I found this quite odd because i thought that either of the other 2 flavours would have been my favourite considering they were fresher than a vanilla flavour.. but i just absolutely loved the taste of this one! 
At first when i gave cocowhite a go i thought it was very odd.. the texture of it was almost buttery and i just wasnt expecting that but it melts in your mouth very quickly so the texture does change. Although i quite enjoyed trying out cocowhite i probablies wouldnt buy another packet of this again, not because i didnt like it but because i dont think it particularly worked for my teeth. I feel like it added a tinge more whiteness to my teeth but the effects of it didnt last too long, and i also didnt find the idea of it true to a teeth whitener. Obviously this is only my opinion of it and it might work for other people much better but to be honest i feel like i need something much stronger to whiten my teeth! 
If anyone has any recommendations of any REALLY good teeth whitening products that worked, pleaseeee let me know in the comments below. I am so keen to try something out :) especially if it is reasonably afforable!!

I would recommend that if you dont like anything too strong and prefer natural teeth whiteners then cocowhite will be a good idea to try.. but for me it just didnt suit!

See you guys soon :) 


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