Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back on Instagram again...

Hi everyone, so as i am super duper motivated at the moment I have decided to create a brand new instragram again for my blog and all things blog related! I know i deleted my blog instagram not too long ago but i was going through a bit of a rough time and it all got a little too much .. but now i am very motivated and excited to be starting a new one again!
Blending my personal life and all things blog related can be very iritating for people who probablies dont want to see bits i post about fashion and make up and vice versa for people who dont want to see anything personal! So therefore i made the decision to just have both instagrams and really give my blogging a good go! 
I have recently just bought a new ipad and for some reason it has spurred me on to have a completely fresh start and just go for it with my blogging and staying active! 
If you would like to give me a follow i would be muchly appeciative! 




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