Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The latest men in my life

So my latest blog post is all about my new little men.. my guinea pigs! Call me sad for writing a post about some guinea pigs but im just such a huge animal lover that it felt appropriate for my blog! Plus they really are just the cutest little men ever and so cuddly!! 
Unfortunatley for the poor little guys they got named by my football mad little brother and have ended up with some rather interesting names.. Ronaldo, Fernando and Gorgeous George (Poor Guys). However, i dont really call them these names.. i have kind of taken to changing them a little bit.. Gorgeous george is now Georgie.. Ronaldo i am attempting to change to Ronnie and Fernando has actually stuck, and il confess im actually quite a fan of it! 
So the piggies are about one year old and my mum got them from a rescue centre near where we live. We used to have some guinea pigs when we were younger and loved them so mum went out and got these little guys! I think guinea pigs are actually such amazing company because unlike hamsters they arent nocturnal and are up and about through the day so you actually get to handle them and see them! They also make the cutest little noises and squeaks which is just adorable! Guinea Pigs honestly make the nicest pets and now im back in Cardiff im already missing having cuddles with them!! 

Fernando: right side of face is black, middle white and left ginger. 
Ronaldo: Ginger and White all over 
George: Black and ginger


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