Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Social networking.

Hi everyone! So this is basically a little blogpost to remind you all about my social media and how id loveee everyone to follow me! My Instgram is 'lthwaitesx' and i post regularly a variety of different photos. Obviously i made the decision to delete my old instagram which was the one i was using for my blog but as i am continuing to blog and write posts i would love it if everyone would go ahead and follow me. If you follow me i will definitely follow back as i love to have a peak at everyones snaps and follow new people! Also my twitter is another social media i would love for you all to follow me on! Its 'lthwaitesx' again.. so give me a follow on that for links to my blog post or just general gossip and speculative tweets, again i post regularly! Twitter is another social network i love using so please follow me and il go ahead and follow you too! :) 
Thankyou all!



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