Thursday, 6 November 2014

Daily Make Up Routine.

Afternoon everyone! So today I am filling you all in on my daily make up routine. I also have a little confession, this post was originally a Vlog and I filmed it and everything.. but then when i watched it back i just realised how many things went wrong and for that reason i simply couldnt share it with you all haha! I am hoping that one day Vlogging might actually work for me and i wont say daft things or things wont break/fall on me etc! 
Anyway for now I will just do a little blog post about my daily make up routine (On days when i am not at work so its acceptable to have a full face of make up). So here goes.. 

Firstly on a morning I like to wash my face with this Face scrub by Neutrogena which is amazing, its got a beautiful fresh grapefruit scent and lovely texture which ensures to get right into your pores giving you a deep cleanse with every wash. As I have only recently started to use this product I will most likely be writing a review on my blog about it at a later date when Ive got a bit more to write about :) So keep your eyes peeled for that!! 

Next step before actually applying my make up is making sure my skin is nice and soft and moisturised! If you have read my previous blog posts you know i am a true worshipper of this simple product.. E45 Cream. I have always had a battle with my skin and finding a happy medium between oily and dry, but ever since using E45 I seem to have found the perfect balance. Now when i apply this to my skin it doesnt leave it feeling oily and also doesnt leave my bank balance crying at me for spending a fortune on something which yet again i am not going to use. This costs about £3 tops! So you really cannot go wrong. I have tried out millions of creams with my rubbish skin but honestly have to say I am truly settled using E45 and not considering trying any others for the time being. Give it a go if you struggle with your skin like i do! 
Okay so when i finally get around to starting on my face.. I start with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation! As you are aware, I have a constant battle with my skin and foundations are normally the culprit to determine the moisture of my skin!( aswell as the weather). When I was having a conversation with someone who was mentoring me on my last student nurse placement about make up, she mentioned that she was testing out this foundation and recommended it to me as she said its amazing, and stayed on so well! So i went into house of fraser to the Estee Lauder counter and enquired about it, I was then sat down and the lovely lady did a colour match for me and gave me a sample pot for free so that i could take a tester away and see whether i wanted to buy it! Anyway after 2 weeks of using the tester, i decided i loved the foundation and needed it. Me and my mum both decided to buy it and got it in a set of two for £40 which is a really good deal considering its normally about £24 a bottle. The shade i got was 2C3 Fresco and i love it, its a perfect match which isnt too pale or orange, so yet again.. a very happy medium :)! If ever i was to recommend a foundation to anyone, id say this one! Go into the shop and get yourself a colour match! Its amazeeee. 

...and just because im only human and end up with dark circles under my eyes, spots and blemish's on my skin and occasionally have a little shine on my face (Joys of working life and being stressed), I also like to use concealer and powder on my face for a little extra coverage! So im currently using the Rimmel London 'Wake me Up' concealer which i really like and is a lovely cream one with a brush applicator, Its lovely coverage for spots and dark circles and i really couldnt fault it whatsoever! Super cheap too.. grab yourself some of this if you like buying and using make up which is from a drug store! AND on top of this again, i like to use a face powder to take any shine off my skin and also just leaves my skin feels super soft! I have recently started to use the Maybelline New York Matte Maker Powder and love it! Does what it says on the container, keeps my skin shine free and keeps my face make up in place .. very cheap and affordable! Grab yourselves some of this! 

Finally just as another added layer to my face and to add a little colour to my cheeks, i always use some contour/blush! I dont like to spend a huge amount of money on blush as it always seems to get broken and its extremely frustrating if you have spent a lot of money on something and it gets smashed! Maybe i just need to be more careful hehee :)! So at the moment Im using this Rimmel London 'Lasting finish soft colour blush' in shade 010 santa rose.. Again this is a new shade but i really like it! Its subtle and not too bright which is nice for this season. I normally like to wear blush which is not too pink but also not to dark either.. and i think this shade it perfect for an in-the-middle look. It was also about £3.. winning! Grab yourselves one of these if you dont like to spend a fortune on blush like me!

Right.. after adding about 5 million layers of make up to my poor face. I then move on to my brows. I will confess that I am still abit of an eyebrow virgin and doing my brows is all extremely new to me! Up until recently i didnt see the whole point of pencilling them but now im addicted and can totally see the point. BUT it must be subtle.. not overboard! So im currently experimenting with products and gradually getting braver and braver! At the moment im using Rimmel London's Eye brow pencil in shade 002 hazel and i purposely chose this as its the closest to blonde i could find.. and wanted to fill my brows in without them looking too dark! I loveeee this pencil though, definitely one of my best buys (maybe even one of my october faves - keep your eyes peeled for this blog post too.. hint hint). It cost an amazing £3-4 .. cannot complain at that! Plus its a pencil so will last me ages! Winner. On top of that i like that pop a layer of this Maybelline Brow Drama mascara in shade Dark Blonde.. which just keeps the hairs in order, locks in the pencil and adds a tinge more colour! Worth the moneyy.. and yet again it really is a steal, so cheap! Amazing brow products for anyone who is a bit of a chicken like myself hehe! 

My all time favourite eyeshadow pallet is definitely the Urban Decay Naked 2 one. The colours in it are my favourites to wear through the day and the night too! Although this pallet is rather pricey i do think that it is 100% worth it! So the colours that i like to use through the day are normally a cream colour so usually 'bootycall' as a base coat and to cover the whole of the eyelid, followed by 'half baked' which i run through the crease of my eye .. just to add some shading and its perfect for the season at the moment as its a lovely golden colour - to match the autumn leaves! Grab yourselves a naked pallet definitely! They last so so long as well.. ive had mine for two years and use it pretty much everyday and its still so full. as you can see from my photos :) 

Eyeliner is a hugely important part of doing my make up. My eyes are naturally so small and my eyelashes as barely existant. so making my eyes are dark as possible with eyeliner is a must! I use eyeliner above my eye and im currently using Rimmel London 'Exaggerate' eye liner in black, i like to do a thick line along the lid so add an outline to my eye, but also im using a benefit eyeliner which i have had for years.. and its a chunky black one.. which i just run through the waterline to make my eyes stand out much more. 

Finally to complete my eyes i have to make sure that i use plenty of mascara.. I am terrible for putting layers and layers on but not so it looks like spiders legs haha! I am currently using the Rimmel London 'scandaleyes' mascara in black (I feel like im repping rimmel haha), as this mascara has a huge brush and transforms my eyelashes amazingly! If anyone could recommend any really good mascaras for people like myself with minimal and light eyelashes that would be greatly appreciated! :)

Finally... Lips! Literally cannot go a day without having something on my lips! Any colour, i dont care! But daily, this is the lipbalm that i use for a base coat underneath any lipstick! This one is one from the Maybelline 'Baby Lips' collection and is in shade 'peach kiss'! It smells absolutely beaut and the shade is a lovely nude colour. Also these lip balms are super cheap so its a steal really! This is my second one of these because i loved it so much i used my entire first one! its a lovely base for any lipstick to go on as it makes it have a beautiful shine, i love it and use it everyday! 

I hope you have all enjoyed my daily make up routine blog post! keep your eyes peeled for any posts i have mentioned while i have been rambling on! Also try out these products, they are amazing.. or message me with any recommendations to products you all love. as i love trying new ones!!



  1. Two items I can not live without Babylips and E45 hehe . Great poducts think I have tried all of them at some point :) Great post xox


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