Monday, 13 October 2014

My Bandage Dress A/W collection Bloggers Event!

So on Saturday I attended the My Bandage Dress A/W collection Bloggers event! It was my first bloggers event and honestly couldnt believe that i had the opportunity to attend! As blogging is still quite new to me and im still adjusting and growing as a blogger, i felt so honoured to have been selected by their team to attend! I thought that the reason i had been invited was because it was going to be a very large event with hundreds of bloggers but actually when i arrived and saw the bloggers that were there and the amount I couldnt quite believe my luck! Some of my blogging idols were there and i couldnt believe i had been invited to an event with them and to be a part of something as good as this! So for that i have to say a huge thankyou to MBD!! 

So again, as this was my first ever bloggers event i really didnt have a clue what to wear! I didnt want to turn up and be over dressed or be super underdressed so i just decided to find the middle point. In the end i decided to go for my new cigarette trousers from primark which are black with a brown checked pattern on them, a topshop cotton black long sleeved crop top, my favourite topshop ankle boots with a gold detailing on the heel, my brand new powder blue coat from new look & dreamy purple michael kors bag! Anyway, when i turned up at the hotel i realised that the outfit choice i had made was extremely suitable and the 'meet in the middle' outfit was what everybody seemed to be going for. Also as it was an autumn/winter range that the event was based around I wanted my outfit to look seasonal and i definitely think it worked! 
Also all of the other bloggers looked so fab and outfits were amazing. I felt so honoured to be invited to something which such amazing bloggers had been invited to & i met some lovely girls as well! 

So the photographs above are just a small demonstration of how much effort the girls at MBD put into making the event perfect! Honestly everything about it was so lovely and well thought into. The balloons on the ceiling were by far my favourite part and this has definitely given me some ideas for if i have any parties in the future!! The amazingly cute cupcakes which were so yummy, wow - I mean which girl doesn't love cupcakes!! There was a sweetie stall, and again which girl doesn't love sweets.. I personally loved this part of it.. sweeties are my weakness so a sweet stall was just heaven! Then of course the amazing goody bags that the girls at MBD made up for each of us, it contained so many lovely little goodies including tan and other useful girly bits and pieces!! I cannot wait to use them all :). 

Okay so now i wanted to share some of the amazing pieces from the new autumn/winter collection of MBD. Firstly, apologies about the quality of my photographs but here are some photos of the pieces which particularly caught my eye! I am in love with so so many of the pieces from the new collection and also super happy that they are bringing out a less expensive range! Above are the gorgeous outfits which were my favourites and were so amazingly modelled by these gorgeous girls! Everyone should get themselves onto the My Bandage Dress website and check out their collection, honestly its lush! The new collection is available from the 1st of November and i will 100% be getting myself onto their website to buy some of these gorgeous pieces and more!! 


Clickable Link to the website : My Bandage Dress

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