Wednesday, 17 September 2014

TOP FIVE: Everyday Beauty and Hair Products.

So this is a new little weekly blog idea i have had.. ive decided to do my 'TOP FIVE' items, and each week will be my personal review of my top 5 favourite kinds of items. This week I am reviewing and blogging about my top 5 everyday beauty and hair products, therefore these are products which i use on a daily basis and need to constantly have available to me. I have put these into an order of 1-5 in the order I love these items and will be reviewing each one below. Enjoy :)

One: Ok to my ultimate favourite everyday item i own, and is a must have on a daily basis is my amazing Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation! I had been told by so many people how good this product was and that it truly means what it says when it is longlasting. Although it is a high end foundation and costs quite a good chunk of money, you do get the high end treatment when you go into the shops to buy it. I went into House of Fraser to the Estee Lauder counter and was given a personal skin match test for free (and they were brilliant and very helpful), in order to be sure that it was a product i wanted to spend money on i was then offered a sample to go away with and was told this sample would last for 5 days but i was totally surprised that it lasted nearer 2 weeks!! It just goes to show that you really dont need much of this foundation on your skin at all!! I have no regrets on spending the extra money on this amazing foundation as it lasts ages, stays on your skin all day and doesnt make your skin dry or oily so it is the perfect balance! The shade i wear is 2C3 Fresco! 

Two: The second product i swear by is this Freederm Fast Track. As a teenager i had absolutely horrific skin and was on medication and given alsorts of prescription treatments for my skin, but since then my skin has cleared up a lot and i dont need to be on any prescription medication anymore. Now my skin is much better i just buy this freederm fast track and i have been for a very long time. I apply it directly to my spots and it dries them out amazingly! I've tried alsorts of spot treatments in the past but this is my favourite hands down!! and it actually works! I buy it for a price of approximately £5 but it lasts ages and I dont mind spending money on anything that actually works! 

Three: My third favourite product is E45 Cream. I unfortunatey do tend to get patches of eczema on my arms and face so this cream is perfect just to add a little moisture back into my skin. Its simple and not perfumed and doesnt cause any extra damage to the skin. A tube costs approximatley £3 and lasts absolutely ages!! My eczema isnt severe enough to need a stronger cream so i will definitely just stick to using this basic and gentle cream! Its amazing honestly, and even if you dont have eczema, its great as a simple moisturiser and you can apply it to your face too! 

Four: My fourth product is this Maybelline Baby Lips 'Peach Kiss' Lipbalm. I love this lipbalm, its a really natural colour and it smells amazing. Its perfect to wear just by itself as a moisturizer to add a nude colouring to your lips but i also tend to use it as a base coat for lipstick to add a bit of shine to my lips with the lipstick on top. Another good thing about this is that its SO cheap, i bought it for about £4 and its lasted almost a full year! I will definitely be purchasing a new one of these very soon as its a necessity and a make up must have!! 

Five: So the fifth product which is a necessity of mind is Cocoa Butter. Its been a lifesaver in getting rid of my stretch marks! Ive tried bio-oil as recommended by some friends which personally didnt shift my stretch marks, but as soon as i started using this i could see the difference and they were starting to fade. Bonuses of using this is that it costs minimal money .. roughly £6, lasts absolutely ages, smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and fresh! I would never use any other moisturiser to help with stretch marks and if you personally havent tried this as a method yet then please do, its amazing!! 



  1. I've been trying bio-oil at the minute but its taking a while to see any sort of change, so may have to give the cocoa butter a try! Thanks :) xx

    Kay | What Kay Does

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    2. Aww brilliant! i would love to see if it works for you as it certainly has for me! thankyou for commenting and reading :) xx


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