Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hand and arm candy.

Sundays are for chilling, therefore today's blogpost is not about my choice of outfit... instead its about my favourite/everyday jewellery for arms/hands! I decided to do a post on this because to me my rings and bracelets are necessities and unfortunately for me I dont get to wear them all of the time because of my job (which definitely makes me appreciate nail varnish and jewellery an awful lot more). 


So for me, my favourite wrist jewellery is my Michael Kors rose gold watch, my brand new wishuponastring rose gold eternity bracelet, this baby pink dainty flower bracelet from River Island and my 2 pandora bracelets. 
Michael Kors watch: Although its almost a year old now, im still so in love with my gorgeous watch and still so grateful to my amazing boyfriend for buying me it for my 21st! I am totally obsessed with rose gold, i think its such a flattering shade of gold and i just love the hint of pink! This is one of my favourite pieces of wristwear as its so flattering and so beautiful to style with any outfit. Im super excited to buy some more rose gold items to style with my outfits, cannot get enough of it! 
Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet: This little beauty was a bargain from wishuponastring* for only £4 inc delivery! Again as I think rose gold is so cute i just had to have one of these string bracelets in this colour. Also as i am a firm believer in wishes and everything superstitious, I love buying anything that could potentially bring me some luck, which is why i purchased this gorgeous little bracelet! I would like to keep it for as long as possible even though obviously i would like my wish to come true hehe! 
Dainty pink flower bracelet: I bought this beautiful little bracelet from River Island for about £4 in July and i absolutely love it and wear it all the time! Also, £4?! steallllll price, definitely cannot complain at an amazing little bargain like that! I am obsessed with anything with daisys on it at the moment and to me this was perfect as an everyday bracelet! 
Grey woven Pandora Bracelet: This is the first of my two pandora bracelets and i love it. I chose this bracelet but it was bought for me as a present at christmas, and im so glad i did.. the fact that it wraps 3 times means i can expand my pandora charm collection much bigger (which i will get round to doing eventually hehe). At the moment the theme of this bracelet is pink for glass beads and I am using this bracelet to display my newer beads. I am a funny cookie when it comes to people buying me pandora charms as i really believe that each one should mean something sentimental. Therefore each charm truly has an individual meaning and i love it as it makes it so much more personal! 
Silver Pandora Bracelet: This was my first pandora bracelet which i was bought for my 17th birthday off my lovely Mum and ive just about managed to fill it. The theme for this bracelet is blue in glass beads and similar to my woven bracelet I only have sentimental charms on it! I wont bore everyone with what each charm means personally and also i would like to keep that a little bit secret but each one is truly individual! I cannot wait to expand my collection of them and display new memories on it!! 


All three of my everyday rings are pandora and i love each one of them! My dainty silver ball one is a few years old and honestly i wear it all of the time (apart from at work). This ring is one of the stack rings from the pandora collection and i love it so much because its perfect to pair with any of the other stack rings as its so simple. Therefore i wear my gorgeous ruby red heart ring with this. Out of all of my rings this one is the newest and i love it. I got it from my boyfriend, Simon, on valentines day 2014 and to me its so special, I love wearing this and think it makes the cutest personal ring from someone very special! Finally my pink stone band ring... LOVE this ring far too much! I got it from my nanna and pop for my 21st birthday and wear it all of the time. At first i thought it might be a little hard to get used to because its much chunkier than my other rings but I think its super comfortable and when its not on my finger it feels strange! This ring is truly gorgeous and i feel super lucky to be the owner of it!



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