Thursday, 6 July 2017


I definitely think food reviews are some of my favourite things to ever do for my blog! I love nothing more than being invited to sample incredible restaurants and write about them here on my blog! OH and of course, bring my fellow foodie (and boyfriend) along too! I also love them even more when they are situated in Sheffield! I feel as though, I really have grown to love Sheffield so much over the last 2 years of living here, but in particular I have grown extremely fond of it over the last month or so, and I think that's because I have been trekking into the city much more frequently and it has made me miss it so much!

In case you did not know, I now do not live in Sheffield anymore. I in fact like in Chesterfield which is roughly a 10 minute drive from Sheffield but still sometimes feels so so far away when you never really have any reason to head into the city centre. I come to Sheffield almost every single day for work, but that is always at silly o'clock in the morning and I drive around the ring round on the outskirts of the city, and so therefore this means I never really truly feel I am in Sheffield. Recently though, I have been heading into the city centre much more often and whether this has been for social things like drinks with friends, or for blogger opportunities like reviewing menus or what not - I have really fallen head over heels in love with the city all over again, and it really has made me realise just how many incredible places to eat and drink there are in Sheffield!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the Botanist in Sheffield which is situated in Leopold Square, which I would probably say is my favourite place to go for food and drinks on an evening in the city centre. The Botanist as I am sure you are all very well aware, is a very popular cocktail bar but also has an incredible restaurant as well. I had the opportunity to head over and check out their newly launched menu of both food and cocktails - and WOW, was it incredible?!

Firstly I though I would just mention the general d├ęcor of the Sheffield, Botanist! It really is something else! The restaurant is situated on the top floor of the building and what they have done with the space is just incredible! In fact, I think the botanist just suits the authentic features of this building to a tee, and I am not entirely sure that anything else would quite fit the bill like it!

Next, the cocktails. Obviously I was super excited about trying these - because essentially this was why I was invited along in the first place!! I had seen some images on other peoples instagrams of the new cocktails and so I was super excited to try them out! The new cocktails are a section of the menu called 'pots and planters' because essentially all of them come in pots and planters, very botanical ey?! Not only that, but presentation really is key here, as the cocktails also come with dry ice which makes them look even more cool! Everyone loves getting that instagram snap or boomerang of an aesthetically pleasing cocktail right? The botanist is just ticking all the boxes yet again with their new cocktails. Also, another pretty important factor is that they also taste A-MAZING! I tried the peach and apple pot and the pimms tea cup, and both of these were literally incredible! The pimms tea cup arrived in a tea pot and a cup, and the peach and apple pot was the show stopper for me, a orange plant pot filled with beautiful tasting cocktail, herbal garnish and dry ice! I mean, just look at the snaps to see how good it looked! And I'll be honest, it tasted INCREDIBLE TOO!

Even if you decide to head to the botanist and you aren't a cocktail fan, there is still something for everyone in terms of drinks! Soft drinks, mocktails, beers and ales, spirits, wines - you name it, they have it!

Now onto the food...
Me and Simon never normally go for starters but on this occasion we decided to! To start off, I went for the Green Olives, because they taste incredible and I have genuinely never seen a greener olive that these before?! I don't know what they've done to them or where they came from but trust me, they really did not last long! We also decided to share the crispy calamari - which again, was a very good choice! Just the right amount, very tasty and also great as a little bit of a light bite before a big meal! I have to say though, I have had the baked camembert before it is to die for! But unfortunately I could not persuade Simon to share that one with me! (PARTY POOPER)

The came the mains! The best bit lets be honest! Simon decided to go for the lamb kofta hanging kebab, which I have to say - tasted bloomin' gorgeous! You really cannot go wrong with the hanging kebabs! They are a winner if you have never been to the botanist and you are wanting to have something really tasty! You can tell how popular they are simply by looking around the room, as most of the people eating will be having one! I have to say, I usually go for the chicken kebab when I come to the botanist, but on this occasion I decided to go for something a little bit different from my ordinary. I went for the flattened rump because I had had this previously in a different restaurant and remembered just how good it tasted, and to be honest wanted to relive that again, ha! I was definitely not wrong in making the decision I did, it too was incredible! Very tasty, brilliant portion size, great side dishes - and just a fantastic option to change things up from my usual chicken kebab (trust me, I would have been very upset if I had swayed away from my norm and it had turned out to be a bad decision). I never ever have any complaints about the food at the botanist, it is always beautiful! And as I am sitting here now writing this, I could eat everything I have just talked about (which is quite weird considering it is currently 04:20am and I am on night shift).

We decided not to go for puddings in this instance because we were SO full off the starters and mains, but usually I would go for the cookie dough because it is literally to die for! 

I cannot even tell you how much I am already excited for our next visit to the Botanist, I just love the experience as a whole and I really do look forward to visiting every single time! I really do recommend you head down and check out their brand new menu, including the awesome cocktails, and after you have ordered be sure to have your camera ready so you can take some snaps of the dry ice - it doesn't last TOO long! 

I would love to hear what your favourite cocktails and dishes from The botanist are! I would love to try out some new things! Also, I would love to hear in general where you favourite places to eat and drink in Sheffield are! I am planning some new content focussed around Sheffield and I would love to try out some new places to include in my content!

If you want to see what the peach and apple pot looked like in the flesh, dry ice n all - then head over and check out my vlog on my channel which I managed to get some footage of it in action! 

The Botanist Website


Tuesday, 4 July 2017


In todays post I am bringing you a brand new brand (LOL) which I have found, fallen in love with and really desperately need to share with you all! You may well have seen over on my instagram that recently I have been talking so much about Laura Geller beauty and wearing SO many of their products, but have failed to mention any of them in more detail? Well firstly, I am really sorry it has taken me so long to get a post written about any of the products I have been trying, because trust me there has been so so many! So today I thought I would start with the blushers and bronzers I have been using recently, because honestly I cannot believe how much I love them! 

In this post I am going to be talking about the Beach matte baked hydrating bronzer in 'sunset deep', the baked bronze n brighten bronzer in 'fair' and the baked blush n brighten in 'tropic hues'. HOLY MACKEREL I AM OBSESSED! Have you noticed a trend recently with some of posts, in that I seem to have found a massive love for blushers and shimmery products recently? And if you have read my blog for a while you will know this is a whole new remit for me because I used to stay well clear of any shimmery products, and instead used to stick to just matte! I have been missing out?! Either that, or I have been waiting for certain products to come into my life to make me feel completely differently, and they have certainly done that!

Another thing that I would just like to add here, is how obsessed I am with all of the Laura Geller products I have been trying out recently! I have to say, it is a brand which is totally not talked about enough - and I really want to make it very clear just how amazing these products are! There is for sure going to be far more blog posts featuring many more of the products I have been trialling, and I have been mentioning them so much over in my recent videos on my channel too, so you need to check them out - just to actually see how good they are in the flesh!

Firstly we have the blusher in 'tropic hues' and I am obsessed with this product! It is so pretty, bold and shimmery - and lets be honest, totally unlike anything I would ever usually rave about! I feel like I have been waiting for certain products to come into my life to allow me to fall in love with a new spectrum of products, such as blushers and lip glosses. This blusher is no short of absolutely incredible and I have found myself reaching for it very often! In particular I enjoy using this one for nights out or special occasions because of that shimmery element and I definitely feel it also has a little bit of highlighting effect to it as well. The blusher itself is also very pleasing on the eye, I mean just look at how beautiful that marble baked product is! Gorgeous! I take my hat off (if I were to wear a hat) to Laura Geller for creating a SHIMMERY BLUSHER (two words for me which would never be used together) which I absolutely do love! And I of course would recommend that you try!

Next we have the bronzer in 'fair'. Another product I have been loving using, maybe not as much as the one below BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH IT SO MUCH, but still do find myself using a lot of the time! Again, a shimmery bronzer is never something I would have typically reached for, but similarly I am wowed by yet another Laura Geller product which has totally flipped things on their head for me! Again, I love everything about this product. The colour tone, the aesthetically pleasing baked product, the mirror in the packaging and the shimmery element. This is yet another product I would highly recommend trying! Its so so good.

And finally, last but absolutely no means least is this incredible MATTE bronzer in 'sunset deep'. You surely know, when I emphasise things in capital letters, and I am talking about makeup products then I am going to have something pretty good to say about them. Well you are right, I love this bronzer so so much and it has for sure became one of my favourite bronzers of all time! I love it! Again, the packaging is beautiful and very Summer appropriate with the golden shimmer. Also the product itself is just insane! It is a cool toned matte bronzer, and you know me - I love my cool toned mattes! This product is an absolute winner. The colour pay off and pigmentation is incredible! It is very blend able and is also (although cool toned) slightly warmer in tone than any of the other bronzers I own and use regularly. I have incorporated this bronzer into most of my night out make up looks recently (so if you are wondering what I have been using over on my instagram then it is this). Again, I would obviously recommend giving this one a go. Especially if you are looking to try out a brand new bronzer this Summer! It is so so gorgeous and I know I will be using it for a long time to come!


And so there we have it! 3 incredible products from one incredible brand! Laura Geller products are for sure making up the majority of my make up collection at the moment! I have been getting my mitts on so so many, and have genuinely also been loving pretty much all of them! I have been speaking about them in a little bit more depth over on my youtube channel recently so if you want to see what they look like through video format then head over to my channel!

I have really been enjoying reviewing products both on my blog and channel recently. I feel that each of my blog and channel allows for a little bit of a versatility because I am able to physically show you the products on camera and chat about them in a lot more length, and then on my blog you have the links right in front of you and the information all clearly in one place! If you are enjoying this at the moment too then I would love to hear any of your feedback!

Also if any of you have tried other Laura Geller products you think I will love then please do let me know! I would love to hear what you guys have been obsessing over as well!



Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Hurrah for a post about alcohol! I say this with a grin on my face because believe me, I am so ready for a prosecco or two right now! After working 2 weekends on the trot, seeing everyone else on my snapchat and instagram having fun at Parklife over the weekend, and battling on with finishing one of the pieces of work for my Masters - I AM SO READY FOR THIS WEEKEND! However, this post is not about my stress levels at the moment, and also just to quickly inform you, I do not have an alcohol problem ha! This post is instead about these amazing little shakers newly launched from Funkin

Some people LOVEEE collecting every single ingredient to make popular cocktails such as the above, but some people also love to have the hard work done for you, and instead just add the alcohol and the garnish. I have to admit, being a bit of a creative person I quite like to make them from scratch on the odd occasion and quite often find myself scrolling through pinterest looking for some awesome recipes of cocktails I want to make. However, having being given the opportunity to try these brand new cocktails, I was super excited!! 

This kind of thing could not be more handy if you are planning something pretty big over the Summer this year, like a BBQ, Party or something else. I even think that these cocktails would be great for camping weekends or for festivals to mix things up a little bit! At the moment the Funkin shakers are in the flavours passionfruit martini, Mojito and strawberry daiquiri - 3 very popular and well known cocktails which are all incredible! You can buy the mixers from Tesco for just £4 each, and then all you need to do is buy the alcohol to go in them, as well as some decoration such as lime, mint, strawberries - or whatever else you want to use. From one container of the mixer you can actually create 4 individual cocktails which is pretty incredible really as the value is SO good, and therefore just one bottle will go quite a long way. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the whole bunch and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with them! And although I guess you can say that technically the cocktails were not essentially made from scratch, I certainly did have some fun dressing up the glasses and garnishing them! I have to say, as an avid LOVER of passionfruit martini I still think that this one was my favourite, although I really did love the mojito and the strawberry daiquiri as well! 

Overall, the cocktails were super easy to make and really did go a long way! Again, as I said above I really do think that these would be a brilliant addition to your drinks table for Summer garden parties or any BBQs you may be having. They really are Summer in a glass, and so so easy to make! I also feel like I may grab myself another one of these shakers for Creamfields this year, as this is a brilliant way to mix up your drinks, and I think that the Passionfruit martini would be a very tasty drink to have before going and bopping around in the fields for a few hours! 

As I said, you can grab these from Tesco for £4 which is incredible and so worth it! Let me know if you have tried any and which one was your favourite too! 


Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today we are talking skincare! A topic which I have actually become pretty interested in over the last few months! For so so long I was a face wipe and face wipe only kind of girl. Ok, maybe sometimes I would venture into using a little bit of Freederm (I still use that and love that by the way) but as a whole face wipes were really all I would ever use in terms of skincare. Its pretty bad really, considering when I was doing this I also suffered badly with acne, I am more than 100% sure when I say that this will have made my acne so much worse! But I seemed to not be able to see the wrong in my ways, and I just thought that skincare always seemed like a little bit of chore, I didn't use my brain and think - lets kill 2 birds with one stone here and even JUST use some face wash when I am in the shower. Instead I just immediately assumed that skincare meant taking an extra 10 minutes out of my day that I didn't really have. 

I guess I have blogging to thank for my love of skincare! It was actually only the other night when I said to Simon 'I am actually obsessed with skincare' and he just kind of looked at me as if I was odd, but I am - I really am obsessed with skincare! I actually truly look forward to night time when I can head up to bed and take off my face, put on all of my lotions and potions and let them work their magic over night! 

Over the last few weeks I have been giving a couple of new products a go, new as in, new in to my collection of skincare! I have been alternating using each of them at night mainly - and I have to say I am pretty impressed! These said products are the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream and the Bare Minerals True Oasis Oil Free Replenishing Gel Cream - two 'moisturisers'/gels I have been giving a little whirl recently. I actually picked these 2 products out of the John Lewis Smart Skincare Edit which is essentially an accumulation of skincare products which have been scientifically led and all of which also have very powerful ingredients individual to your skin complaints. 

I have learnt so much about my own skin over the last couple of years, and these edits are wonderful for categorising products and narrowing them down so that it leads you in the direction of products which are personally good for your skin type. Over the last 2 years I have learnt that my skin is oily to combination, acne prone and fairly dry in places, therefore dehydrated. Throughout this journey of realisation I have tried products which have literally made my skin a million times worse, because someone may have recommended it on their channel and blog, and instead of thinking about which type of skin it is best for, I just jumped on the bandwagon and tried it. Quite frankly I have learnt a lot about wasting money on products which essentially have either made my skin terrible or have barely ever been used. This has taught me to really look into the product a little bit deeper before choosing it. Read about the type of skin it is best used for, read about what formula it is, read about beneficial ingredients, consider the price tag - although I have to say this really does not matter half of the time! 

Over the last couple of years I really have found some incredible products which my skin has LOVED - most of which are cleansers, scrubs, masks, serums, blemish treatments - but not really any moisturisers. I feel as though I am stilling hunting for that moisturiser which I can make a staple in my skincare routine. I have tried the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser/gel and really really loved that, so I would say that is as close as I have got to finding the one - but not enough that I have repurchased it yet! However, it is VERY good. Which brings me on to the 2 moisturisers/gels I have been trying out over the last few weeks. 


The first product I wanted to mention was the above moisturiser/gel. Its difficult to call this product a moisturiser because I guess I automatically think of moisturisers as being of a creamy consistency, when actually I guess thats wrong - in fact they are any product which is designed to apply extra moisture to the skin. I decided to try out this product because lately I have been noticing drier patches of skin appearing on my face, mainly around my jaw bone, and on the sides of my face. My skin as a whole is pretty oily, however I somehow don't think that this means it is hydrated. I mean, it can't mean that? Because I have got dry patches on my face. This product is designed for normal to oily skin and aims to restore hydration - which seems exactly what my skin needs right now. The formula is gel based, which is something I tend to go for now in terms of a moisturiser because I feel as though creams just accentuate the oiliness of my skin. Applying this product instantly makes your skin feel super smooth and also SO REFRESHED. I feel like gels just do that, they instantly add a spice of freshness into your skin! I actually enjoy applying them so much! This one I have been particularly enjoying using at night, because after a long day of work or just generally a full face of make up - all I want to do is refresh my skin! I have noticed my skin has started to look much better over the last couple of weeks, and these dry patches seem to be clearing up! Lets be honest, Kiehls really do nail it with their skincare - I am a huge huge fan of a lot of their products and I think they really do cover all bases with their products! Ie, hydrating products for oily skin! And I would certainly recommend trying this one if you too have a similar skin type to mine!


Next, I have the above product. If you have read some of my recent skincare posts then you may remember I recently tried out the blemish rescue serum from Bare Minerals and absolutely LOVED IT! So, I guess I expected a lot from this product for that reason! Again, I chose this product for the same reason I chose the Kiehls one. I was missing a product in my range of skincare that hydrated my skin whilst not making it any oilier - and so when I spotted this one, I thought it completely fit the bill with its description. Essentially, this product is designed to refresh the skin with a 'splash of hydration'- that sounds about right for my current complaint doesn't it? This product is also designed for oily to combination skin, but is literally my skin to a T! I LOVE the formula of this product! Its gel, but to me, resembles more of a jelly and I find it so interesting. It smells so refreshing, and mildly of citrus which I LOVE. I have been reaching for this product both at night time and day time, and I am really enjoying using it. There really is something about Bare Minerals skincare that I just love, I feel like so far so good with their products because both have I tried so far really have done everything they say on the tin, and have worked the DREAM! Out of the 2 products I have been trying I feel as though this one has worked the best for me so far and I feel like I am maybe onto a winner with this one?! I would highly recommend trying it!

So overall, I would say I am pretty impressed with the above 2 products! And I certainly feel like I am on the way to finding that missing moisturiser in my skincare routine. Moisturisers don't need to be cream based, they can be gel based and YOU CAN USE THEM if you have oily skin! Which is something I have learnt over the last few weeks - because I actually got to the point where I believed moisturisers were just not meant to be used if you have oily skin. Wrongggg! They are! Your skin needs hydration, and oil is not hydration!


Have you guys tried any moisturisers which you have found completely fit the bill for you? I would honestly LOVE to know. Also, I recently filmed a skincare video over on my channel featuring all of them products I was telling you have made their way into my skincare routine - so if you want to know what I have been loving, and using pretty much everyday then head over to my channel and check that one out! Don't forget to give my channel a cheeky subscribe while you are there as well, that always means more than you will ever know! 


Friday, 2 June 2017


Shopping has been made even easier with this app known as Zeek. I cannot be the only one who seems to get given tonnes and tonnes of vouchers throughout the year for one reason or another. And sometimes, I really struggle to find the time to head to the shops and actually use them. Being the spend-aholic I am, I never seem to have a problem with forgetting about them though, I always remember they are in my purse - instead my problem is that I simply just do not have the time to get to the shops to spend them! Well, this app is making life so much easier when it comes to vouchers as whole. Whether it be that you are struggling to know what to get someone for their birthday, or whether it be that you want to cash your own gift vouchers in because you know you will never spend them in that particular place - Zeek has you DOWN, seriously. And in this post I want to tell you how. 

You would never believe how much money goes wasted every single year by people not using their vouchers? - Well its £1 billion every year to be precise. Thats a lot of wasted money, when really you could have cashed your vouchers in through using the Zeek app! It is so so easy. 

So here are some Zeek facts. It is a free download app which is available from the apple store and also google play - free apps are even more tempting right? Zeek is great because ti actually allows you the ability to swap in any of those unwanted vouchers for cash, and similarly purchase vouchers for your loved ones at a discounted price of up to 10%. 

I had the opportunity to grab some goodies on the Zeek app, and found myself completely and totally spoilt for choice of places to spend my money. I have to say, I am a lover of gift vouchers - because it means you actually have designated money specifically to spend in your favourite stores - allowing you to justify spending money on clothes and other things as opposed to thinking about saving for that new washing machine (although the range of places to grab vouchers on Zeek stretches to places you could buy a washing machine if you wanted to). 

Downloading the app is easy. I went to the app store, searched it and downloaded - easy peasy. I then very quickly made an account with my payment details and address, name etc. I was then greeted by a screen featuring lots of different stores and brands such as Starbucks, Tesco, John Lewis, Mothercare, ASOS, Harrods, Thomas Cook and more - and then on this page also stated the discount you could get off purchasing the vouchers through the app. Some of which were up to 10% off! It also allows you the opportunity to use the vouchers for everyday essentials such as your weekly shop from places like Tesco and Sainsburys, or even by equipment for your home. The next part is also easy. All you need to do is click on the brand you want to get your voucher from and up comes a screen telling you the prices of the vouchers, the amount you pay and the saving you would make if you purchased this particular voucher. At this point you will also see whether this is able to be used online or in store on, which is also really handy if you are the kind of person who prefers to internet shop. You then select the price of voucher you wish to purchase by clicking the '+' putting on the right hand side of the screen, this makes a cursor come up at the bottom of the screen saying 'buy now'. It really is so so easy to do and is such a good way to buy and spend vouchers with some additional savings! 


So as you can probably tell, my experience of using Zeek was a pretty good one. I have to admit, I usually stick to what I know with apps and never really venture into trying new ones. But for me, Zeek has covered something which is actually extremely useful, in that I have never used an app which offers discount for vouchers (which is great for gifts) but also lets you cash in unwanted ones! In general I have just found using the app super easy and its also free. 

I actually picked up some goodies through using vouchers through the Zeek app in preparation for BBQ week! If you follow my instagram and twitter, and even my youtube channel actually - then you will be aware that I just love throwing BBQS and garden parties. There has been several occasions now when I have gone a little bit crazy picking up lots of goodies to create pinterest inspired things for my garden parties. Whether it be food and drink, decorative accessories, fashion, accessories, garden supplies - I really do tend to go all out. The goodies I picked up using my vouchers this time, actually had something a little bit different in mind. Fashion items appropriate for all of them Summer garden parties (Don't worry I will be linking you to them all and you will be seeing them on my instagram too). Dressing up for garden parties is something I think is quite fun and different. My style for this kind of event is very cutesy, pretty, florals, frills, patterns - I like to go all out. So the stores I used through Zeek were Topshop, Asos and River Island on this occasion but depending on what you are looking for there are also many other different fashion brands to choose from!

If you wanted to get BBQ ready this week, there are many different places to choose from over on the Zeek app which will help. 

- Tesco, Sainsburys and M&S for the food and drink.
- Wilkinsons, Interflora and Homesense for the decorations. 
- Asos, New Look, River Island, All Saints and More for the fashion. 
- MAC, John Lewis and Feel Unique for the beauty products. 

As well as SO MANY MORE. 

So now, I am going to leave you the links to the goodies I picked up for this BBQ and Garden party season! Enjoy! :)

- Floral Dress (Above)
- ASOS Red Dress 
- ASOS Pleated Skirt
- ASOS //Boohoo Floaty Polka Dot Dress
- ASOS Bardot Dress
- River Island Lilac Dress

Please do let me know if you have decided to download the Zeek app, I would recommend it! 

(The post was in collaboration with Zeek, Gift Vouchers were provided by them however all views are my own // ad)

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Its been a while since I have been invited to sample menus, and oh my gosh I had totally forgotten how much I love it! I mean come on, whats better than being invited along to try out incredible food and drinks? Not much I would say. 

Its also something I really love doing in Sheffield, because I just love my city so much and supporting the companies dotted around the city centre or outskirts because we really do have some amazing places to eat and drink right on our doorsteps! 

Firstly, lets start with where this is? Some of you may be aware that Sheffield city centre has undergone, and still is undergoing a little bit of a revamp. In that, they are completely transforming the Moor, expanding the heart of the city slightly and adding an incredible new complex which includes lots of new restaurants, a new cinema, new shops and MORE. Well if you didn't know then yes, that is happening and wow I cannot believe the difference already! I feel like this has happened super quickly, or it certainly feels like one moment there was nothing on the moor, and the next thing you know, a massive, tall, modern complex has appeared? I am guessing I am not the only one to have barely heard about it, and suddenly found yourself wondering what it was? What was inside? Well, now is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you all about Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is actually situated inside! 

Luckily enough for me and Simon, we spent a recent Sunday sampling the menu of the brand new Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), and I was super excited for this because as I said previously, it had been a while since I had been invited to sample a menu and so I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! 

Firstly, I thought I would explain how you can actually find GBK, because it is not the easiest place to spot in the world, and if you had never really ventured down the Moor in Sheffield before, then you may never have known it was there either! There is still lots of building work going on, but one of the buildings which has already been built and is now opened actually houses the brand new cinema complex, this is also the building which GBK is situated in. So, looking straight on at the building from the pedestrian street, you will see Primark on the left hand side of the building, and in the centre is 2 large escalators, one up and one down. Take the one up, and at the top you will find a variety of different restaurants and the new cinema. GBK is situated up these escalators also, and is directly on the right when you reach the top! Its super easy to find once you know its there, and you definitely will never forget about it again!

The interior is very American diner style with the booths and the signs inside, which I love! And it totally reminded me of my recent trip to New York city, and all of the traditional little diners we went into! However, GBK had a little bit of a modern twist, and I really really liked it - it definitely was interior goals with all of the copper work, teal walls, filament light bulbs and quirky objects everywhere - I literally loved it, and found myself taking so many snaps for my instagram! We actually sat in one of the booths ourselves, right in the centre of the restaurant and it was great, very chilled and cosy and as I said, brought all of the NYC feels back to me. 

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. The menu! There is literally something for everyone on this menu! Meats, veggie options, salads, puddings, drinks - everything. For drinks I went for the Strawberry and Elderflower fizz, because they are 2 of my favourite ingredients and it just sounded so refreshing and exactly what I needed! I was also super surprised to find out that this drink was also bottomless and you could get free refills, which I personally think is amazing because most places charge an arm and a leg for drinks like this, and this one was BOTTOMLESS?! A-mazing! Simon went for something different again, he chose the salted caramel milkshake. HOLY COW!! I had immediate green eyed monster when I tried this, it was absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely did not finish it off when he wasn't look *heeheee*. The milkshakes I would totally recommend, and when we go back I have for sure got my eyes on the honeycomb or banana ones! Maybe both? 

For food we then went for 2 completely different options. Simon went for the ultimate burger on the menu 'the mighty' which was essentially 2 giant burgers, with bacon and cheese - it was HUGE but he absolutely demolished it, and it for sure filled a space in his stomach! I went for a vegetarian option because I simply could not decide, and the moment I see goats cheese in anything, I immediately want it! So yes, I went for the 'Johnny be goat' burger which was mushrooms, goats cheese, onion rings, garlic mayo, peppers and picked onions - oh my gosh it was so tasty! So many different flavours in one bun, and they all complimented each other perfectly. This burger also was not too heavy, so i did not feel like I had swallowed a brick afterwards, unlike Simon who had a serious case of 'I need to lye down and unbutton my jeans' fullness. 

For sides, Simon got the sweet potato fries with baconaise, and yes that is literally what it says - bacon mayonaise, OH MY GOSH - it was gorgeous! And Simon actually said that the sweet potato fries were the best he has ever tasted! Thats quite a bold statement I would say. I went for the truffle cheese fries, because you know me, I am secretly a mouse and anything with cheese on I NEED IN MY LIFE. They were gorgeous, and at the end of the meal I actually just found myself eating the cheese off the top of the fries, because I just love all the cheese! 

Overall, our experience of GBK was a great one! A lovely atmosphere, great drinks, amazing food and very accommodating staff! I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are heading down the moor to explore the brand new complex they have been very busy with. I would even suggest going out of your way to head down and check it out, and head to GBK for a spot of food or even just a milkshake if you are down there! I promise you will not regret it! 

Please do let me know if you have been yourselves and what your thoughts were. Also, let me know if there is anything on the menu which stood out to you, and I need to try next time? 

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